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  1. General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed many times and the research has already been done. I've upgraded to a new Nissan leaf and I need to change my connector from a Type 1 to a Type 2. How is the best (and cheapest!) way of doing this. My neighbour is a qualified electrician and has...
  2. Second Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF40 & LEAF62)
    Hello there, I’m a first time EV owner and took delivery of my 2.zero last week. Love the car in a lot of ways although I haven’t been able to drive it as much as I’d like! I noticed today though that the SOC dropped quite rapidly for relatively short distances, here are details for two...
  3. Ice Breakers
    I've finally taken the plunge to all electric after driving petrol cars all my life. After test driving all available affordable EVs in the market, the Nissan Leaf came out head and shoulders above everyone else. Got a deal on 2.Zero even though I would have been happy with the N-Connecta, so...
  4. Ice Breakers
    Hi picked up a new 2.zero yesterday, drives well but concerned about the range, think its a lot lower then the salesman told me of 180, suggest about 130 in real life situations
1-4 of 4 Results