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  1. Ice Breakers
    Cambridge based and just bought a new Leaf 40kW. Have been given a lead time of January but can wait (argh). Going from the worst car in my department to the best! I've got LOTS of reading to do if these forums but being a little geeky I'm loving the tech side of EVs. I'm sure that I'll...
  2. Ice Breakers
    I've finally taken the plunge to all electric after driving petrol cars all my life. After test driving all available affordable EVs in the market, the Nissan Leaf came out head and shoulders above everyone else. Got a deal on 2.Zero even though I would have been happy with the N-Connecta, so...
  3. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello from the Drive Electric Team! We are pleased to announce we are offering a very competitive personal and business lease on the New Nissan Leaf 40kW, currently set for deliveries in March/April on stock vehicles and May/June for new orders. Here is our headline offer for the Nissan Leaf...
1-3 of 3 Results