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nissan leaf 6.6kw

  1. Sold 2016 Silver Nissan Leaf 30Kw Acenta 6.6Kw

    Drive Green
    2016 Silver Nissan Leaf 30Kw Acenta 6.6Kw - Drive Green Miles: 43,410 Price: £13,495 Another great Nissan Leaf Acenta now on the Drive Green forecourt. This car looks fantastic with it’s silver bodywork. This car also has the 30kWh battery, giving it a substantially longer range in the real...
  2. Sold Nissan Leaf Acenta 2015 - £8995 - MASSIVE REDUCTION - (6.6kW Charger, Great Condition)

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    2015 Nissan Leaf Acenta 23,000 miles Acenta spec and fantastic condition 6.6kW Charger, Rapid Charge, Heatpump REDUCED TO £8995 Just had major service in June The Listing from our Website: Nissan Leaf Acenta 2015 - Drive Green Another great example of the world’s best-selling EV, the...
  3. Is this a good 24 mth PCP deal on Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh with 6.6kW charger?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I got this "Electric September" PCP (24 months) offer on a brand new Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh with 6.6kW charger (10k miles per year). My deposit: £4,000 Monthly payments: 24 x £249 (includes Gap insurance cca £9pcm) Is this a good offer or can I get it cheaper somewhere else? Many thanks!
  4. Leaf 6.6 Kw charging option

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, Sorry for the silly questions. I'm trying to understand what exactly is the 6.6 Kw charging option for the Nissan Leaf. For what i understand, the leaf come by default with 2 different plugs for battery charging, what the 6.6Kw option will add to those? It is just a cable or an extra...
  5. Introducing myself and looking for a little help on my project.

    Ice Breakers
    I am converting a 2003 Golf to electric. lopified.blogspot.com Any info you can correct or add to my blog to keep me on track is appreciated. The chassis will be a VW Gol GL 2 door. The battery will be a Nissan Leaf 24kWh 2013 or newer The motor will be an Siemens 1PV5135 4WS14 AC Induction...
  6. Wanted Leaf 24kWh battery

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    I am building my own EV from a 2003 VW golf. lopified.blogspot.com In Midwest USA. I am looking for a still sealed Nissan Leaf battery pack to go in it. 2013 -2016 24kWh As much of wire harness going to it as possible. With internal heaters for colder climate, identifiable by third plug...
  7. Nissan Leaf and other EVs in the Caribbean

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I ordered a 30kwh Tekna back in October (awaiting delivery) and am currently on holiday in Barbados. I've been impressed to see quite a few EVs on the road (my 6 year old son kept yelling "Look a Nissan Leaf" and "there's an i3!") they also have a pretty good charging infrastructure (public...
  8. Sold Nissan leaf 6.6kw choice of 3 NON FLEX

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi Folks Jonathan Porterfield here ! Yes the crazy chap who drove from John O Groats to Lands end AND BACK in a Leaf ! Here at eco-cars.net we aim to offer to you the best deals possible. All leaf below are NON Flex ,outright purchase, direct from Nissan We have been offered the following...