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northern ireland

  1. Tesla Model 3
    While there's no Tesla store in Northern Ireland (yet), we were delighted to be able to do the 4 hour round trip today to meet the Model 3 in Dublin. Some impressions, photos and a quick video here... We Meet The Tesla Model 3 in Dublin – Photos & Video Thanks.
  2. Charging Locations
    I recently heard of a ukchargeonline charger being installed in Enniskillen-It's in the car park of the Enniskillen Ambulance station in the grounds of the old Erne Hospital..22kw output,payment online,registration required..works fine! Any others?
  3. Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Hi, the attached pic shows that it is possible even in the depths of winter in Northern Ireland to get a "free" charge courtesy of the sun... the blue trace shows my Outlander making hay while the sun shines on my 20kWp solar array on the 20th January.