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  1. Second Gen Nissan LEAF (LEAF40 & LEAF62)
    My PCP is coming to an end soon for my 30kwh black edition leaf. We often have family holidays to Cornwall and Scotland which is ~380miles. We are looking at getting the #Leaf40 but we are worried about the #rapidgate issues with the car. Has any attempted a similar distance in the car and be...
  2. General EV Discussion
    I have an opportunity to buy a SmartCar that is slow T2 charging only. Does not rapid charge unfortunately. Would drive it home from Bristol area to South Scotland. Likely route would be M5, M42/A42 (passing by Birmingham), onto Nottingham area and up the M1/A1. I know it would be a crappy...
  3. Ice Breakers
    HI all. I just joined the forum last night. My reason for joining is that I'm considering buying a used Vauxhall Ampera and thought it would be useful to use this forum to educate myself before buying. I've never had any kind of hybrid or electric car before, so know very little, apart from what...
  4. General Mitsubishi EV Discussion
    Nottingham to South East Scotland, 265 miles. I left approx. 11am on Thursday, and got home at 1pm on the Friday - 26hrs!!!! I didn't sleep, although plenty resting at chargers. Attached picture shows me getting the 2009 Mistubishi iMIEV from @FarmboyUK of Drive Green in Nottingham. I am not a...
  5. General EV Discussion
    Saw this today and thought it may be of interest to some of you! Especially those in Nottingham. Not sure if it's been posted before mind. http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/environment/2016/10/19/electric-vehicles-only-lane-in-nottingham-will-be-a-uk-first
  6. Charging Locations
    I have a meeting in Nottingham tomorrow and according to the various charge maps (that all seem to have slightly different data), the only public point in Nottingham is the Victoria shopping centre, but reports tend to indicate that, at best, it is totally dysfunctional. Are there any other...
1-6 of 6 Results