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  1. New Video - Plug&Pluy module for hidden EV info

    General Kia EV Discussion
    If you would like to know the state of health of the battery, and other hidden information, of your Niro EV, Soul EV 2020, Kona Electric, or Ioniq Electric 2020, this module will be of interest. Created by Jean-Pierre Lavoie, a member of Hyundai Kona Electric-Québec Facebook page, this module...
  2. OBD2 Reader functionality?

    BMW i3
    I've done a couple of searches, but haven't found anything relevant. That may have been adversely affected by a search facility which (apparently) defaults to the complete community, rather than the forum currently being read. The seach also (apparently) defaults to 'find any search term'...
  3. OBD/CAN for data logging

    BMW i3
    Hi everyone, I'm doing a graduation project right now. The goal is to predict the energy consumption of the i3 based on data about the infrastructure, weather, driving style etc. To validate my predictions, I'd like to make some trips with the i3 and measure my own speed and energy consumption...
  4. Odb software

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    I used to have a seat ibiza and used the VCDS Vag-com software to find diagnostic codes etc. I appreciate there are apps like torque, but is there anything that works at the same kind of detail as vcds? Would be really useful to get detailed diagnostic information myself!
  5. Real world OBD experience help

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi, I'd like to get one of these OBD devices/app, but want something that will give me some useful info about the hybrid drivetrain/battery etc. I did email OBDEleven, but their answer was vague "it depends on the control unit of the battery and does it is accessible", so I'm reluctant to spend...
  6. Car alarm going off when Charging

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    I have had a new Passat GTE since January 2018 as a company car. It’s been brilliant except for one problem and that’s the alarm going off whilst the car is on charge. Thankfully it is only when the car is on charge but this is still an annoyance as it prevents me charging overnight in fear of...
  7. Question on Renault Zoe and OBD2 port and CanZE

    Renault ZOE
    Can I ask again if anyone recently has tried a OBD2 port and software (preferably for an iPhone) on a Reanault Zoe? It would be good to keep track of the battery SOC drop on a regular basis using something like this. I see some mention of this page on the internet generally but a lot of the...
  8. NEW App - find out what is going on inside your Outlander PHEV battery and E-motors

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    If you are as passionate about your Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV as we are, you will be intrigued to explore what is going on inside your PHEV every second as you drive. We have just released the first Outlander PHEV specific Android App, and an iPhone version is possible if there is enough...