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  1. ZE Online - offline Monday 3rd October 2016

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Anyone else having problems with ZE Online. My car last updated its status at about 16.30 today, 3rd Oct. I've been able to charge it at an Ecotricity point since but its increased charge/range hasn't updated. Driving mode on the app was shown as 'connected' - when I attempted to toggle...
  2. CYC map now giving more info

    General Charging Discussion
    Thanks to @CYC for honestly saying "we don't know" when their systems have failed to contact a charge point, and as such it is unlikely to work for app access and RFID cards that haven't previously been pushed or cached at that charger. The large number of these shows that mobile data, though...
  3. How to get info about Ecotricity repair schedule

    Charging Locations
    I'll be going to Ikea in Milton Keynes in the next few weeks, but according to Zap-Map, their charge point has been offline since at least 3 Dec. I tried tweeting @ElecHighway but their response was a rather unhelpful "please check map on our website" which, as far as I can tell, simply says...