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  1. EV home 7kw charger - reasonable cost

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, myself and my partner have just ordered 2 EV vehicles Peugeot and Kia. Looking around for home 7kw chargers (of which we need 2 due to car useage), they are much more expensive that I though at £519 each minimum with the OLEV grant applied thus £1040 for both. Has anyone any experience of...
  2. Replace old 3Kw Type 1 Charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, looking for some advice. I had a free 16A 3Kw charger installed over 5 years ago for free by British Gas/Nissan when I purchased my old leaf (which I no longer have). I've now ordered a new Ioniq so looking to replace it with a 7Kw untethered install..... but if i read the rules...
  3. OLEV grant coming to an end?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a new EV owner and I am currently charging at my workplace, but I would love to install a charger at my household. What price would you say is acceptable for a Zappi charger under the OLEV EVHS grant? And is it true that the OLEV charger grant is coming to an end? I have...
  4. OLEV Eligible Vehicles

    Tesla Model 3
    I just received word from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles that they have received Tesla's application for the Model 3 to be added to the Plug-in Car Grant (PICG) list and the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) list of eligible vehicles. The latter will allow us to get a grant of £500...
  5. OLEV grant for installation of power point?

    Kia Niro
    Has anyone used their Niro "order" to get the grant to have a charging/power point installed, ready for when their Niro is delivered? Do OLEV know about the e-Niro yet in the UK? I recall people who ordered the Kona had to wait until the OLEV people were made officially aware of the Kona's...
  6. Which Home Charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, Since taking delivery of my BMW 330e a few months ago I have been relying on plugging the granny charger into a 13A socket in the garage and running the charging cable out under the garage door. I then leave the charging plug tucked away in the corner of the driveway when I go out. With...
  7. Useful? web app giving UK EV owners access to nearby OLEV approved charge point installers

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, We have just launched ChargeBound, a quick and easy to use web app that helps UK EV owners to access, contact and order from local OLEV approved charge point installers. The website also includes a simple to use OLEV charge point grant check that allows you to check if you meet OLEV's grant...
  8. charge point OLEV grant - 4 month limit

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    So, there was a discount on fitting a home charge point last October. Stupidly, having an order estimated build date set at end of December, I decided to have the point fitted in advance to get the discount and, of course, I also used the UK OLEV grant. There is something in the OLEV grant...
  9. OLEV grant at different address?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello all, I was hoping for some help from someone with knowledge of how the OLEV grant works. As I am struggling to see if my scenario works. I am looking at getting a EV to help cut down emissions and to save a bit of cash. My situation is a little differnet from the norm as the car owner...
  10. EV Home Charging - Meter Cabinet - A Mexican Standoff

    General Charging Discussion
    Be warned if you have EV Charging related equipment. That is not about the actual EV charger just the associated distribution or the OLEV GSM meter unit in your meter box. It is a common practice with EV Charging installers to put kit in the meter box. Then you can have a nasty problem when it...
  11. 3 phase EVSE with OLEV grant

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone The new OLEV docs published in Nov permit use of the grant to install a 3-phase EVSE. Does anyone know which manufacturer and installer can providesuch an install?
  12. Can anyone in Cheshire add their support for OLEV on street charging grant?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello, what are your thoughts on the OLEV charging scheme for EV owners without off street parking? We have recently purchased a second hand Nissan leaf we love the car and it is perfect for our needs. We don't have off street parking. It is not too much of a problem for now as we can charge at...
  13. EO Charging unit from Pheonix Works

    General Charging Discussion
    So finally had a proper charge point installed today by those nice folk at The Pheonix Works and thought I would post some feedback on the forum as this seems to be a new unit, I was already talking to them about a charge point but when I saw the new EO Charging option they offer I went for...
  14. OLEV EVHS - from July 2016 - New product promotion!

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, As you probably aware the requirements for the OLEV EV Home-charge Scheme are changing from the 1st of July. In response to this, and feedback from our existing clients, we have completed our due diligence and have an exciting new product for which we are now taking orders! The...
  15. Installing your own charger & Part P sign-off - anyone tried?

    General Charging Discussion
    Anyone done their own electrical work and then just had it signed off? So, I have a detached garage next to the house that has a basic 16A supply from the house Consumer Unit (CU) that is serving fine to charge the leaf on a granny lead. I want to get at least a permanent charger installed (32A...