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  1. Buying a new i3. Questions re ‘best’ options, rear doors & auxiliary heat pump

    BMW i3
    Hi. Having had a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for 3 years, we are considering buying an i3. The car looks well ‘specd’ but I am interested in which options you have found useful / essential. E.g. Is the auxiliary heat pump necessary to keep range in UK winters or is it designed for Norway winters...
  2. Vision & Communications Pack

    Volkswagen Passat GTE
    Hey Folks, fresh from VW refusing my Golf GTE order, I have now started my research on the Passat! Currently spec-ing options, and I'm confused (as always with VW) by some of them, notably the 'Vision & Communications Pack'. It is described on the Configurator as: Includes: Advanced...
  3. Effect on battery due to high mileage (80 miles a day)

    BMW i3
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and currently drive an Audi TTS! Please don't judge! :-) I've had it for almost 9 years and every so often it does put a smile on my face! However I have been getting bored of it and I've always liked the look of the i3 and I was able to borrow one for a weekend a...
  4. Are the headlight cluster DRL's an option?

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hi, I've not been able to find a solid answer for this after searching but apologies if that has been answered before. I've just ordered a base model GTE and want to know if the headlight cluster LED running lights are standard? All models get the lower C shaped E-Golf style lights but I'm...
  5. New owner: Kia EV+

    Kia Soul EV
    Hi all: I just leased a Kia Soul EV+ in Portland, Oregon. What have you found unique or interesting about your Soul EV? I'm still learning about all of the all of the electronics and options with the EV+. What have you found that you really like and what was the most obscure thing you've learned...