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  1. Mokka-E
    Just curious if anyone else has a Mokka-e on order and how long you've been waiting so far. I test drove and ordered mine on the 24th of July then got a call two weeks later to let me know that "It's now been ordered". Which was a bit of a surprise as I had assumed they ordered it the day I paid...
  2. Tesla Model 3
    Hi guys, I now have delivery location address, in my Tesla Model 3 Order page:- I assumed they were going to deliver to my nearest Tesla showroom? As it would be better handover service. Is this in case I want it delivered to my home or work address? What have you guys put here?
  3. Volkswagen Golf GTE
    My order went to VW on the 1st December, at which point i was advised of a 1st March delivery date. This has been extended to a build date of 18th June.With delivery estimated a further 6 weeks after this point. A full 9 months from order to delivery. After much back and forth with VW and the...
1-3 of 3 Results