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  1. Home Charging Installation
    Hi - I'm about to get a Used Leaf 24 - looking for 7kw charger - have solar panels so apparently I need a zappi to take advantage of those. The zappi 2 requires no earthing, so cost should be reasonable. Any idea who is good to fit it? I saw earlier threads suggesting £600 install was alot -...
  2. General EV Discussion
    Oxford City Council wins £1.7m to introduce Oxford’s first fully-electric double-decker buses | Oxford City Council Wonder what kind of range these 5 buses will get and whether they are viable in the near future without this kind of grant. Great to see though.
  3. Charging Locations
    .. are apparently going to be run on the New Motion backend, who still have no roaming agreements with any mainstream UK operators - not for want of them trying - so if you don't already have an account / rfid with them, you'd need one. 10 public chargepoints 10 car club (co-wheels)...
  4. General Charging Discussion
    Hi All, Wanted to start a thread about my upcoming experiences in taking part in the Go Ultra Low trials in Oxford. I have discussed this briefly before in a 'Oxford Chargers' thread but wanted to start a dedicated one here. Some of you will have seen me over in the VW forum already. As...
  5. Charging Locations
    Hi All, Like all of you I seem to spend half of my life in one service area or another using the Ecotricity pumps (all the Dale). My "home" station is normally Peartree Welcome Break off of the A34 because I work in Oxford & it's on the way. Now, it has a very nice Waitrose & Starbucks in...
  6. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Looking to buy a cheap-ish EV. I'm changing jobs & my i3 is a company car. New commute is only 10 miles a day, so just need something for short hops around Oxford. Don't care about battery degradation, or any extras (Bluetooth, self parking, seatbelts). Ideally I'd like a Twizy with doors &...
1-6 of 6 Results