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  1. Weekend in Paris anyone?

    General EV Discussion
    I've been selected by Take Part in Research for a handful of their surveys/discussions/car clinics over the last few years. This one is targeting EV owners and I registered for it before Christmas and received a call accepting me for it. Just awaiting confirmation details. The offer has just...
  2. Somerset to Paris (and back again) in a 30kWh Leaf

    General EV Discussion
    For half term we went on a family road trip to Paris in our Leaf. Before we started planning we didn’t even know if it was possible and had a lot of questions. So hopefully this post will help others. The short version: it went really well and we will do it again The long one: I started...
  3. COP21 lets hope it moves things on

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    brilliant bt Swarzenegger in Paris this week: (The last bit Should do it for us more than most!) " "I see your questions. Each and every time I post on my Facebook page or tweet about my crusade for a clean energy future, I see them. There are always a few of you, asking why we should care about...
  4. Paris Climate Conference

    General EV Discussion
    Hiya, anyone considering driving an EV to the Climate Conference in first week of December, to demonstrate or just to be there, or just for the hell of it? I'm assuming that some of you have 'green' reasons for choosing an EV -as well as it being pollution-free, quiet, cheap and lovely to drive...