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  1. Beware of ParkingEye

    Charging Locations
    ParkingEye are a spreading disease on the nation's car parks, and a number of charging sites are managed by them. They are popular with site owners because they make all their money from dunning motorists, not off the site owners. Unfortunately their business model was tested all the way up to...
  2. Free green parking permit scheme in Sheffield, UK

    General EV Discussion
    Green parking permits "A green parking permit is for ultra low-emission vehicles (ULEV). A ULEV is any electric or hybrid vehicle that emits less then 75g of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre travelled, with a capability of travelling a minimum range of 10 miles with zero CO2 emissions. A...
  3. Free parking at airports?

    Ice Breakers
    Hey guys, We are thinking of a startup that could lead to free parking for electric cars at airports! If you could fill in the 4 question survey liked to the post that would be great so that we could assess the demand. Also please feel free to comment as we would love to hear your opinion on...
  4. Edinburgh Plans to install thirty-five 22kW *DC* chargers by 2020

    General Charging Discussion
    Edinburgh council has recently produced a report stating that they will need to install a total of 69 chargepoints to support electric vehicle use in Edinburgh by 2020. This includes 9 rapid chargers, 35 fast chargers and 25 slow chargers. By 2023, 211 chargepoints are forecasted to be required...
  5. How to charge EV with on-street parking!

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone, I'd love to have an EV BUT I don't have off-street parking. I've seen figures suggesting up to 40% of people in Britain are in the same position, and if EV's are going to break through there needs to be a solution for us. My particular situation is that I live in a quiet...
  6. Bournemouth parking exemptions

    General EV Discussion
    I recently decided to look up if there are any special parking exemptions for electric vehicles in Bournemouth as I have seen other towns have. I discovered the Off Street Parking Places 2018 document which lists all the parking exemptions and rules locally, which is great. Below is the section...
  7. Westminster - Kerbside Management & Enforcement document

    General EV Discussion
    Found this (PDF) while searching for something else. Generally interesting reading, but pages 46 & 47 specifically for EV bays, and this gem - recalling other people's experiences (not necessarily in Westminster):
  8. EV - Making it Work

    BMW i3
    With 1 month before new i3 I was discussing with work colleagues about EV's and it became very apparent the difficulties in rolling out EV's to the masses, for example, my colleague would love to go out and get an EV, but they live in a terraced house on a main road, with the only parking being...
  9. milton keynes parking for dummies (i.e. me)

    Charging Locations
    I've read this thread Milton Keynes : what exactly is the deal with EV parking ? and I'm more confused than when I started. We're going there imminently, and I don't have any permits and no time to get one, but I do have polar plus and a leaf so definitely qualify as an EV and can plug into...
  10. EV Charging : A major inconvenience, or a healthy new habit?

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all! I've had an EV itch that I've been wanting to scratch for years now, I built an electric bike years ago and was amazed by the torque and performance (10Kw motor on a 30kg bike). And a friend built a 300KW electric Mazda mx5, and recently I tested a Tesla P90D. The tech is incredible, no...
  11. Blue sky thinking - or just dumb?

    General Charging Discussion
    Instead of charging for electricity, by whatever means, why not charge for the parking space, as every council does throughout the country? Currently EH charge £6 for a 30 min topup so why not charge, say, £5 for 30 mins parking in designated bays, which just happen to include a charging post...
  12. Charging in Bury St Edmunds

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, We've just taken the plunge and bought a used Model S after a long time thinking about various EV options! Very exciting!! We're in a bit of a home charging limbo at the moment as we're renting while looking to build our own house. We have a kind neighbour about 10mins walk away who is...
  13. Luton Airport?

    Charging Locations
    Heading off for a few days - anyone know if any of the parking services offer charging? Even a 3 pin would be good - seems to be a lack of CCS rapids in the area.
  14. Off or on street parking poll (stopping you buying an EV?)

    Charging Locations
    Time for the lurkers to stand up and be counted... I was wondering - how many people want an EV but can't find somewhere to charge and have been put off by that. Or how many people have gone and bought an EV anyway and what your experiences of public charging are? For the rest of us who have...
  15. Parking sensors fitted my Nissan dealer?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I was planning to have front parking sensors fitted to my brand new 30 kWh Leaf but decided against it after hearing doubts about their reliability.
  16. Recommendations for Central London?

    Charging Locations
    Evening all, Any recommendations for cheap parking & charging in Central London? Are there any car parks which offer discounts to EV drivers? Will usually be working all day, so even a plug socket will do. I've a Source London, CYC, and Ecotricty card. I'm sure I can get yet another one if...