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  1. Parts catalog (sic)

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Can't believe I'd be the first with this :oops: So I'm probably duplicating :( but here's a link for the Tesla parts catalogues: https://epc.teslamotors.com/#/catalogs :cool: Enjoy :love:
  2. Hello from KWh in the North West.

    Ice Breakers
    Hello Forum. Signed up to say hello to any EV'ers out there who are building or who have built and are running their own EV. I am mid way through a quite complex AC conversion myself and would be interested in having a chin wag with others who have questions or need some help (if I can) with...
  3. Some exploded part list

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Just found this site from the VX220 forum, looks like this is a standard 'shell' but only some sections give more details. Too late here for me to dig any further but I did notice the 'brakes' section could be clicked on for further information on parts. Vauxhall AMPERA > Opel EPC Online >...