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  1. Leasing Opportunity Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model 3
    HI ALL, I work at a specialist EV leasing company called DriveElectric and we conduct a fair amount of business with Speak EV members. We are currently compiling a contact sheet for the Tesla 3 so that when we receive the green light to start quoting leasing figures (Personal and Business) we...
  2. Deals on the e-tron. New or Used

    Audi A3 e-tron
    Thought I'll rephrase, if you have found any good deals on a used a3 e-tron and obviously not interested in buying it, do share
  3. Nissan LEAF 24KW 6.6 Tekna @ £249 Per Month

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hello, We have Tekna Models with the 24KW battery and 6.6KW on-board charger. I have one Universal Silver and one in Gun Metallic 2016 plates. Priced at an £14,995 each Here is a simple 3 year PCP quotation for either vehicle; Customer deposit £1,000 Monthly figure £249 over 36 months...
  4. Calculating GAP cover needed?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Ok, I did a search and I can see some recommendations etc, but I am struggling to work out just how much GAP cover is needed. Any experts on here or real world advice? Lets say I total it getting home from dealer, I have market value + 24 months PCP payments, probably loose few grand driving it...
  5. Sold Brand New LEAF PCP deal - Get £6000 towards your deposit!

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi All, We (Chorley Nissan) are offering £6000 deposit contribution on all LEAF Acenta and Tekna, both 24kWh and 30kWh models, on 4.9% APR with no minimum deposit required. This means that an Acenta 24kWh with 3.3kW charger is just £229 deposit, £229 per month. Or, at the other end of the...
  6. Hello! New Leaf sought

    Ice Breakers
    Hello there My wife and I are committed to buying an EV because we are keen to drive a car that doesn't have emissions and the Leaf seems like the best option for us, with a young family. We test drove a Leaf at the weekend which seemed to seal the deal but now decided the best way to buy...
  7. Purchasing a Leaf/Zoe on 2 year PCP - best deals

    General EV Discussion
    Hi all, New to the forum but have been a reader for 6 months since I purchased my Leaf. I'm now in the hunt for a 2nd EV (Its addictive), and been made aware of a ex demo Zoe ("14) 5k mileage, on a 2yr PCP for £116/month inc battery hire and £300 down and 6k miles per annum. I know there...
  8. Nissan Leaf GFV seems low

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi everyone, I asked a dealer about a price for a 30kwh Nissan Leaf Tekna, with 6.6kw charging on a 3 year PCP doing 12k miles per year. The GFV quoted was £4656! This means a depreciation of nearly £28k in three years. Ouch. Even if you ignore the OLEV, at £23k it is eye watering. I've read...
  9. Considering Leasing a Zoe Expression on PCP

    Renault ZOE
    Howdy folks, does anyone have experiencing of haggling a deal with a Renault dealership for a Zoe? I'm currently driving an old banger of an ICE Mondeo (1.8l petrol) and do between five and six thousand miles a year. I've been seriously looking at a Zoe, having had one for a fairly decent test...
  10. Will PCP rates shift greatly in Q4?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi, I'm looking to lease a Leaf on 2 year PCP in mid-december ideally. However, after phoning around negotiating rates I'm at risk of jumping into a hasty decision and buying early just to avoid losing the deals. I've had quotes for 12k miles non-flex at around £2300 deposit plus 125 per month...