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  1. The absurdity of some tariffs

    General Charging Discussion
    Hachy on Twitter For those who don't speak Dutch, The New Motion charge point, using The New Motion RFID, 11kW three-phase charging, €0.35/minute. Using the same New Motion charge point, with a Plugsurfing RFID, it's a quarter the price. The example is 1 hour long charge at 11kW, and €21 is...
  2. Plugsurfing. Why everyone should sign up.

    General Charging Discussion
    Plugsurfing is a universal app/rfid system to allow you to charge seamlessly across numerous networks. Plugsurfing negotiates with the charging networks and agrees a rate for you to use the chargers. It works already in Europe and most companies have signed up. I know plugsurfing came over to...