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  1. London Borough of Barnet, additional chargers, not Source London

    Charging Locations
    It looks like London Borough of Barnet have arranged for more chargers to be installed, but they're not sending any more money in the direction of Source London, who appear to be using their existing spots as parking bays for their rental fleet, having priced out most private ev drivers. It...
  2. Pod-Point / BMW Digital Charging Service stats differences

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi all, First post here. I’ve recently bought a 330e which I’m really pleased with. I’ve had a Pod-Point 7kW tethered charge point installed in my garage and also use the BMW Digital Charging Service to set up pre-conditioning. Both of these tell me how many kWh of electricity I have used while...
  3. Pod Point Solo Home charger

    Nissan Leaf40
    Over the past months, I have intermittent failing to charge on my 6KW charger at home. As the Unit is in my garage and the cable come through the wall, I did not see the RED light on the Solo Charge Point until recently. Powering off the Pod Point seems to reset it. In the last few weeks, it...
  4. Pod Point Home Charger - What does it actually do?

    General Charging Discussion
    I have a Pod Point home charger in my garage. Before we had it installed we used the 3-pin cable to charge the Leaf. This got me thinking - what do the electronics inside the Pod Point actually do? There's a PC's worth of stuff in there, and as far as I was aware the Leaf takes care of timing...
  5. Pod Point Installation Cables Through House

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys, this is my first post. I've just ordered a 30kW Nissan Leaf Tekna. Pod Point are going to install a free charging point in my garage for me. I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences of this they can share. My garage isn't attached to my house, its at the end of the garden. It...
  6. POD Point CEO - Fully Charged Interview

    General Charging Discussion
    Bobby Llewellyn interviews POD Point CEO, Erik Fairbairn in the lastest episode of Fully Charged. Any comments and feedback welcome!
  7. Just got a parking ticket for spending too long charging at Sainsbury's Richmond

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys Last friday week, I drove into my companies offices in Richmond taking my Zoe. I usually try and park in the car park next door, but my journey from St Albans and back requires a charge along the route. I normally try and charge at Heston, but surprise surprise there was a bloody BYD...
  8. I think I've found a set of chargers worse than Camden's

    Charging Locations
    Step forwards, Chiltern Railways, and your impressive fleet of Pod-Points: Today's task was simple. Park the car at a station, put the car on charge, and get on the train. Stoke Mandeville station: Charger unpowered. Aylesbury station: Charger unpowered Aylesbury Vale Parkway station: Charger...