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pod point charger

  1. Changing pod point from Type 1 to Type 2

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm sure this has been discussed many times and the research has already been done. I've upgraded to a new Nissan leaf and I need to change my connector from a Type 1 to a Type 2. How is the best (and cheapest!) way of doing this. My neighbour is a qualified electrician and has...
  2. Pod Point Installation

    General Charging Discussion
    I've ordered my Pod Point and they have come back to me stating that my garage consumer unit is only Type AC RCD protected (pictured), and they require Type A be installed before they will come to fit the Pod Point. I'm not sure if they mean the main breaker and/or the RCCBs. Can anybody please...
  3. Help! Is this a costly nightmare: first time EV

    General EV Discussion
    Dear all, I've just ordered my first BEV via a salary sacrifice lease scheme at work. It seemed very affordable and included installation of a 7kW home-charger (Pod-Point). I signed on the dotted line and was delighted when Pod-Point contacted me to sort out OLEV grant and installation. I...
  4. Can we use the fuse board in garage to connect charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. We have a new build with a detached garage with its own fuse board that comes from the main fuse board in the house. The garage is currently supplied off a 40 amp fuse in the main board but can be increased to 50 amp. Can an EV wall charger be wired to this fuse box in the garage or does it...
  5. Charging 330e on Pot-Point Stations

    General BMW EV Discussion
    I have recently purchased a BMW 330e and my experience so far with pod point has been the worst. In my workplace we have 4 charging stations and I have tried all 4 of them with no success. When I plug my car the light on the unit turns red, as if something is wrong. My first though was that...
  6. Pod Point Installation Question.

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi All Im having a 7kw Pod Point installed in 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone has experience of what they do with the cable from the electricity meter to outside. Im hoping that they will drill through the wall close to my meter to the outside then fix the Pod Point on the wall outside. My...
  7. Felbrigg Hall NT and Zoes

    Charging Locations
    I'm heading up to N Norfolk next weekend in my Zoe and have noticed that on ZapMap there are posts about both Felbrigg and Sheringham Park Pod Point chargers saying they are incompatible with Zoes. I had a problem at Minsmere Pod Point this week with a Check Charging Post error in the car and no...
  8. Faulty Pod point home charger

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    Just thought someone might be able to help with this one. I have had a 7Kw home charger on my house for a couple of years but up until recently I have only ever used it to top up friends cars. Now I have my own car I was hoping to use it regularly. However I have a problem with my Pod Point that...