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  1. ZE50s + Pod Point Solo 7kw charging?

    Renault ZOE
    Hi there, I'm about to pull the trigger on a new ZE50 Iconic without CCS and wanted to check people's experiences with Pod Point 7kw charging issues. I've seen a few older posts highlighting problems here and would be great to know if this is still prevalent on ZE50? TL;DR we're not blessed...
  2. Pod Point - installation/regs question

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello, first post here. I have signed up to Pod Point for a home charger and had an email saying they could not run cables under floor through my lounge next to existing cables due to regs. The existing cables are HDMI cables and coax/sky. Does this sound right - it seemed odd to me and I'm...
  3. Can we use the fuse board in garage to connect charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. We have a new build with a detached garage with its own fuse board that comes from the main fuse board in the house. The garage is currently supplied off a 40 amp fuse in the main board but can be increased to 50 amp. Can an EV wall charger be wired to this fuse box in the garage or does it...
  4. Insides of a Pod Point Charger

    General Charging Discussion
    I took some close up photos of the internals of my Pod Point charger today as I was wondering what type of MCU was used with a potential idea of writing some custom software to implement hooking in for charge timing etc. (Not going to happen now). Thought some people here might like them. The...
  5. Podpoint app on Android

    General EV Discussion
    Has anyone been locked out of the app at all the last few days and unable to login but can login fine via the web? Mine is doing this and reporting there is a communication issue and to call support... Who are closed before 9am :D
  6. Pod-Point / BMW Digital Charging Service stats differences

    General BMW EV Discussion
    Hi all, First post here. I’ve recently bought a 330e which I’m really pleased with. I’ve had a Pod-Point 7kW tethered charge point installed in my garage and also use the BMW Digital Charging Service to set up pre-conditioning. Both of these tell me how many kWh of electricity I have used while...
  7. Is premium BP Chargemaster unit worth the extra £ for data collection?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi folks, I’m picking up my used Renault Zoe 20 this week and am very excited :)) I’m selecting a home charger and think I’m leaning towards the Pod Point. I was wondering if anyone had purchased or had any views on whether paying for the data collection feature on the BP Chargemaster premium...
  8. Male or female?

    Ice Breakers
    I have just bought a used Nissan Leaf (2013 model). It came with a 13 amp charger for home use, which is easy, but no other cable. Thinking I might need to charge at a public chargepoint, I bought a Type 2 to Type 1 cable for £125. The Type 1 end fits the car, but I just tried to charge at a...
  9. EV charging - Pod Point 3kW up to 6kW

    General EV Discussion
    I had a free Pod Point charger installed a few years back, which was fed with 2.5mm Twin & earth, so its capacity is around 3kW. I'm in the process of getting a different EV that has 7kW charging. Obviously I'd need to install a fresh bigger supply cable for the 6kW, however does anyone know...
  10. Which Home Charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, Since taking delivery of my BMW 330e a few months ago I have been relying on plugging the granny charger into a 13A socket in the garage and running the charging cable out under the garage door. I then leave the charging plug tucked away in the corner of the driveway when I go out. With...
  11. Invitation to our User Testing Evening

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello! :) We're holding a User Testing evening on the 2nd and 3rd Novemeber at our HQ in Old St, London. If you're interested in coming along read more information about the event and sign up here: Pod Point Labs User Testing Evening Invitation
  12. Lidl/Pod Point rapid charging - RFID experiment

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello everyone! Not sure if this is common knowledge (probably is, knowing me luck!), but thought I'd share just in case this is helpful for anyone else. I've been using the rapid charger at Lidl in Mirfield for a few weeks and have been activating it via the app. Works fine, but a bit of a pain...
  13. Hi from Pod Point

    Ice Breakers
    Hello fellow EV enthusiasts. We're here to join the conversation and help you with any questions you may have regarding our products. Our account will be managed by our team of industry experts, who are looking forward to answering your questions and joining in the discussions. :)
  14. Pod-Point T7-S slow charging issue

    General Charging Discussion
    I've been in discussions with the folks at Pod-Point about why sometimes when I plug into a 7kW public charge point of theirs (the newer T7-S design, with no screen / RFID reader ), that it only runs at half the expected rate. It's apparently an issue they are aware of, and there's a workaround...
  15. POD Point CEO - Fully Charged Interview

    General Charging Discussion
    Bobby Llewellyn interviews POD Point CEO, Erik Fairbairn in the lastest episode of Fully Charged. Any comments and feedback welcome!
  16. Source london

    General Charging Discussion
    So after less than a year to be exact 4 months into my £5 yearly subscription I get a email saying that it's due to expire December 31st 2016. And now expect to pay £4 per month and wait for it a further 3.6p per minute so on a 3kw you going to pay almost double based over 100mile more than...
  17. Pod-Point post blew up

    Tesla Model S
    First time I have used my type2 cable today and plugged the ms into a pod point post today at a railway station and the post went off. Brand new tesla (mennekes) type 2 cable. Another MS owner was plugged in to the other side of the post (sorry about that) One assumes that given the post puts...
  18. Charge master 30AMP home charger Faulty?

    General EV Discussion
    So I had a chargemaster 30amp untethered home charger fitted by pod point in November 2015 to charge my 3.6kw Leaf. Now the thing is playing up sometimes it charges ok, but most times I have to switch it off at the mains and wait for it to restart. When it plays up it either clicks in to charge...
  19. Pod point Dimensions

    General Charging Discussion
    Can anyone help? My 7kw Podpoint is being installed on an outside wall next Monday, but I want to build an outside cupboard this weekend to accommodate it and the associated electrical hardware. According to the technical specification the point is 360mm in diameter and 150mm deep, so I assume...
  20. POD Point - Feedback on App

    General Charging Discussion
    POD Point Open Charge App – EV Driver Feedback Hi all, quick update, since the first versions of the POD Point iOS and Android app were released in the summer, we now have close to 2000 downloads! Our software department have lots of lovely-jubbly additional features which we will be...