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  1. Podpoint Main switch installation...

    General Charging Discussion
    Following on from this thread, in which I received lots of helpful advice (culminating in me digging a trench and Sparky laying chunky armoured to outbuildings), things progressed yesterday: A Podpoint pair travelled from Bristol (to my location west of Swansea) to install my charger. They...
  2. Wall charger box/cupboard/hideaway

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone, I’m getting a home charge point installed on Tuesday and it’s going to go on the front of the house, next to the front door. I went for the tethered option as I suspect when I get my car I won’t fancy pulling the cable out from the boot each time. I went for the standard length...
  3. Can we use the fuse board in garage to connect charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. We have a new build with a detached garage with its own fuse board that comes from the main fuse board in the house. The garage is currently supplied off a 40 amp fuse in the main board but can be increased to 50 amp. Can an EV wall charger be wired to this fuse box in the garage or does it...
  4. Ohme vs Tethered PodPoint home charger

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm interested in optimising the use of off peak juice in charging my LEAF. I'm headed for Octopus Agile once they get a SMETS2 meter in, but to make best use of this something like the Homepage - Ohme would be required. However, at present, I've got a PodPoint tethered charger at home, and I...
  5. Pod Point failed and customer support is v bad!

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi My pod point failed on Monday night. Tuesday at 8.30 I rang to report. 4 days and 7 phone calls later I've been told that it will be another week before someone can fix it - so 9 days without charge! Copying @podpoint in to see if there any way to speed things up. I can drive to a point...
  6. Podpoint: Time to replace Bridlington charger?

    Charging Locations
    The charger at Bridlington's Palace car park has been playing up since dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Side B is almost never working, you can phone in and they'll reset it, but if seems to go down again within an hour or two. And it's pretty busy, being in that coastal chargepoint desert. Come on...
  7. 7kw home charger install - what supply is required?

    General Charging Discussion
    Post deleted. I was asking questions about the supply needed but it appears to have been sorted, and the charger install is going ahead.
  8. Leaf 2 Pod Point Owners Might Need Software Upgrade

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hi all I'm a happy Leaf 2.zero owner from April 2018. Wife does 90 miles a day. Recently we had some episodes of waking up to a partially charged car. On the first few occasions I thought I hadn't plugged the car in properly, or perhaps had hit the remove plug button instead of car lock button...
  9. EV charging - Pod Point 3kW up to 6kW

    General EV Discussion
    I had a free Pod Point charger installed a few years back, which was fed with 2.5mm Twin & earth, so its capacity is around 3kW. I'm in the process of getting a different EV that has 7kW charging. Obviously I'd need to install a fresh bigger supply cable for the 6kW, however does anyone know...
  10. Problem installation of PodPoint?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi. I have a Nissan Leaf on order and I am just thinking about the installation of the PodPoint. I have a older (Wylex) consumer unit with no spare circuits. There is one RCD/Fuse that is used to feed another RCD that goes to an electric shower. Am I looking at a (costly?) new consumser unit...
  11. SSE Application for load increase - help

    General Charging Discussion
    Advise appreciated. Pod Point attended to install charger but found 60 amp fuse (16mm2 tails). They require a 100 amp fuse (25mm2 tails). The installer helped my wife find the number for SSE. SSE just sent us this form (attached) and questions (quote below). Is this the correct department...
  12. Podpoint charging and fullycharged

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Just watched the following ... Very interesting (as all his videos are)... anyone got experience of this, is it worth installing one of these over using the cable supplied ?
  13. Big thumbs up for Pod Point

    General Charging Discussion
    We've had our leaf for a couple of weeks now and up to date we've plugged it into a 3 pin. Today PodPoint came and installed our 7KW charge point. From the very first contact with the company on their website, through every phone call, text message and email since then they were superb. The...
  14. Sainsbury's (Mansfield, Nottinghamshire) PodPoint update

    Charging Locations
    I have emailed Sainsbury's about the issues with the PodPoint at the Mansfield store (not charging at the advertised rate and constantly being ICE'd and this is the reply I received: Our Communications team have advised that we've already upgraded the Mansfield store to 7kw for the charging...
  15. Norfolk newbie

    Ice Breakers
    Hi folks, I've just put down a deposit on a used 2014 Zoe - very exciting - and am looking currently looking at home charging options and could do with some help! As the car has had one owner I'm not eligible for the free Chargemaster point from Renault. I've been in touch with a local solar...
  16. Can charging posts effect Z.E. Services???

    Renault ZOE
    Hi All, My Z.E.services (app & website) has be working intermittently for a couple of months now but I've noticed a rather odd pattern relating to when it starts and stops. Monday to Friday I use the same Chargemaster Fastcharge floor standing post and on a Saturday I use a PodPoint at my local...
  17. Pod point Dimensions

    General Charging Discussion
    Can anyone help? My 7kw Podpoint is being installed on an outside wall next Monday, but I want to build an outside cupboard this weekend to accommodate it and the associated electrical hardware. According to the technical specification the point is 360mm in diameter and 150mm deep, so I assume...
  18. Just got a parking ticket for spending too long charging at Sainsbury's Richmond

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi guys Last friday week, I drove into my companies offices in Richmond taking my Zoe. I usually try and park in the car park next door, but my journey from St Albans and back requires a charge along the route. I normally try and charge at Heston, but surprise surprise there was a bloody BYD...
  19. It's my leafiversary

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, finally managed to get on here. I've been being stupid with the sign up have owned my acenta for a year now. I'm still in love with it, although it's dictating the kind of house I can buy! Quick question, i've got a pod point on my current house. I know it has to stay there as per my...