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polar instant

  1. New Polar Instant app

    General Charging Discussion
    Polar have just released a brand new version of their app (5 March), which I have just downloaded. It's completely separate from the original app, which you need to uninstall manually. You also have to set up the new app from scratch, but your original email/password login stays the same. The...
  2. I Hate Polar Instants

    General Charging Discussion
    Tuesday I went to the White Rose centre near Leeds to do my Christmas shopping. There's a whole row of shiny charging posts there, and the centre management have the bright idea of using special blue cones to discourage ICEing. So, I moved a cone and pulled up at one of the posts. My heart fell...
  3. Charge Disaster Polar Instant now not supported by the helpline

    General Charging Discussion
    If this has been discussed on another thread then I have missed it. I have never been able to get a Polar Instant post switched on with the instant app on my Nexus 4 phone. I never get past the spinning circles thing. On the infrequent occasions that I use a Polar point - about once every 2...
  4. Polar Instant on Android - useable?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, I'm renting a Tesla at the end of the month. There is a Polar charge point in an ASDA car park very close to my house which I'd like to use. Apparently, I can use the Polar Instant app with this charger. But I have an Android phone, and all the reviews say that the app is basically...
  5. Polar Instant - Authorise one payment and they take three

    General Charging Discussion
    I signed up for Polar Instant. I authorised a single £20 payment from my debit card to credit my account. Polar immediately sent me three email receipts, requested and took three £20 payments from my bank account, and credited my Polar Instant account with just £20. I only spotted the error when...
  6. Let's fix polar instant.. Can you help?

    General Charging Discussion
    Everyone is fed up with polar instant.. the no refund policy, the terrible app. Not everyone uses their points often enough to warrant paying a monthly subscription, which is clearly what they want. Isn't the no refund policy against the consumer rights act if they can't supply the service...
  7. Birmingham - Polar Instant

    Charging Locations
    I can see there are a lot of charging points in central Birmingham on the Polar live map, but only one on the Polar Instant map (and that in an expensive car park). I assume that means the others won't work the the app, but does anyone know whether the Polar points not on the Polar Instant map...
  8. Polar Instant (Charge Master) can't log into website?

    General Charging Discussion
    I've just tried to add some cash to my CM Polar Instant account as I'm off on hols on Monday, but the website says User Not Found when I try to log in. Resetting my password - with the email address they mailed in January says User Not Found too. I've only used the card once, last summer...