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  1. Rapid chargers test run: unexpected result

    General Charging Discussion
    Since getting an iPace last week, my first EV, I have been charging with the Granny cable as my Podpoint doesn't work (see other thread: engineer coming tomorrow). This has been OK to top-up so far since my most common commute is about 40miles a day. However, I have a longer trip starting...
  2. Polar Rapid Chargers at Hotels

    Charging Locations
    So I've just failed to use one of these at a Holiday Inn. The whole setup is flawed. A rapid charger should be somewhere you stay for a short time, like a service station. Most people would stay at a Holiday Inn overnight. So the clever people at Polar put one single rapid in the Holiday Inn...
  3. Testing public chargers - which is your favourite?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all, I've started a series on YouTube where I rock up to a public charger with little preparation to see how easy the experience is. I know preparation is key, but I wanted to go into each public charger experience neutral and this seemed the fairest way - plus, I don't think we should need...
  4. Nissan Leaf not compatible with new polar chargers.

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently used 3 separate polar rapid chargers that all say my car is not compatible with them. It usually does the pre-charge checks, then gets to the communication part, then after about 20 seconds, it’ll come up with a big red ‘X’ on the screen, saying vehicle not compatible with...
  5. New Polar Instant app

    General Charging Discussion
    Polar have just released a brand new version of their app (5 March), which I have just downloaded. It's completely separate from the original app, which you need to uninstall manually. You also have to set up the new app from scratch, but your original email/password login stays the same. The...
  6. How big's the battery? / What's happening?

    Renault ZOE
    Hi y'all, I'm interested to know what's going on with my Zoe/Homecharge unit. My car was plugged in to charge last night and was unplugged this morning before going out. No pre-heating. The Polar/Homecharge Dashboard shows the 'Duration' of charge (basically when the plug was...
  7. Two is better than none

    Charging Locations
    A Rapid and 2 socket 7kW post in Dunstable, but only two parking spaces. Hard luck if a 3rd car pulls up, Could be a problem if 2 are using the 7kW as this locks out the Rapid. One has to wonder at the installer who did this. Note - doesn't really matter as the Rapid is a DBT and has been...
  8. Polar Plus referral program

    General Charging Discussion
    Just noticed in my Polar Plus account that they now have a referral program which will earn each member £10 if they are still a member after the free trail. If any one want to partake in this, please PM me your email address and I'll arrange the referral. Cheers Dan
  9. Polar Plus Customer Services

    Ice Breakers
    Does anybody suffer at the hands of Polar Plus customer services. I called them to let them know that neither of the charge points were working in Brighton Marina. The one lady told me that they were broken and wouldn't be fixed. The 2nd couldn't understand English very well and refused to...
  10. New Leaf owner come to Rant about Poor service of Polar-network.com and Nissan Westway Stockport

    Ice Breakers
    So I was at a car festival recently talking to a fellow Honda insight mk1 owner about a terrible experience that Id had a few months back. One huge issue with Honda, and one with Polar charging network. So my wife and I finally bought a 2011 Nissan leaf japanese import 24kwh just before...
  11. How Many Polar-Plus Posts Are "Free"?

    General Charging Discussion
    Got stung recently a month later from using a charger that I had gotten used to and had always been free (and Zap-Map said was free) to find it had gone chargeable. On one hand I know people scoff when I moan about a non-free charge-point, but I should point out that the "free" posts are part of...
  12. Increasing price of on-street charging

    General Charging Discussion
    Both Source London and Chargemaster have upped their tariffs for Central London on-street charging locations. Source London is now up to 12.9p/minute (if the charge point is capable of 22kW) in Camden,Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea. Polar Network has added electricity charges (the usual...
  13. HELP! Dead Polar type 2 7KW tethered charger

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everyone! Unfortunately my home charger stopped working last night after an hour or so of being plugged in and charging correctly. There's is no power to the Zoe, no LEDs on the charger and no whirring noise. Also the Zoe is unable to detect the charger. In the consumer unit the switch from...
  14. Be wary of Polar's unscrupulous business practices

    General Charging Discussion
    I have just cancelled my Polar subscription at the beginning of this month. I did this on the first day of the of my billing cycle, but they have charged me for the remained of the month (30 days). Fine, I thought, however they have also cancelled my card, effectively making me pay for a service...
  15. Let's fix polar instant.. Can you help?

    General Charging Discussion
    Everyone is fed up with polar instant.. the no refund policy, the terrible app. Not everyone uses their points often enough to warrant paying a monthly subscription, which is clearly what they want. Isn't the no refund policy against the consumer rights act if they can't supply the service...
  16. New Polar Ultra Charger.

    Charging Locations
    Hi guys, I was up in Stafford over the weekend and discovered the new Polar Ultra Charger located at Best Western Tillington Hall Hotel, Eccleshall Road, Stafford ST16 1JJ - Rapid-Chademo Socket 50kw @ 9p per kWh. I had about 5 miles of range left when I plugged in. At 80% charge it gave me...
  17. EV Experience Centre in MK

    General EV Discussion
    Hey Everyone! Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section of SpeakEV... I'm hoping that one of the moderators can move it if it has.. As some of you may know, we're launching the UK's first ever multi-brand EV Experience Centre soon. Full information on this can be found here...
  18. Chargemaster/Polar Home Charger Issues

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently spent some time repairing one of these chargers. I will be posting some of the pictures and my observations The main issue with the early version is that one of the power supply capacitors (C63) was fitted the wrong way around, which lead to a gradual failure; fortunately...
  19. Polar plus V's CYC help needed

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    So i got a CYC card paid my £20 and was enjoying charging for free around the town I live as all the many CYC points are free to use. So when they sent the email only 2 weeks after i signed up saying they were going to start charging me £1 to charge on the free charge points I told them to shove...
  20. Coleshill Station Charger Locked off!

    Charging Locations
    Just picked up my Leaf 30, and wanted to test charge at a Polar charger. Went to Coleshill Parkway and it was in a section of car park locked off from the public? A total wast of a charge point.