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  1. Here's what the Chargemaster acquisition of Elektromotive means for Charge Your Car

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello all, As you've probably heard the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) have given Chargemaster the go ahead to acquire Elektromotive, the parent company of Charge Your Car. Here is what Charge Your Car customers need to know about the acquisition: There will be no interruption in the...
  2. Charging Away From Home

    Renault ZOE
    We charge at home mostly. We've slow-charged our Fluence for almost three years and it's worked fine, I don't think we ever needed to top up anywhere else than at home. So, when the Zoe arrived we charged both from the same power supply, opting to have the Zoe on at 3kw rather than the 7kw...
  3. Herefordshire jumping ship, CYC to Polar

    Charging Locations
    It looks like Herefordshire County Council have been persuaded to move to Chargemaster's Polar network, from CYC. I've noticed the following posts disappearing from CYC's map, and then showing up on Polar's map with similar device identifiers, this normally means that they're not replacing any...
  4. Polar Instant (Charge Master) can't log into website?

    General Charging Discussion
    I've just tried to add some cash to my CM Polar Instant account as I'm off on hols on Monday, but the website says User Not Found when I try to log in. Resetting my password - with the email address they mailed in January says User Not Found too. I've only used the card once, last summer...
  5. Charge master 30AMP home charger Faulty?

    General EV Discussion
    So I had a chargemaster 30amp untethered home charger fitted by pod point in November 2015 to charge my 3.6kw Leaf. Now the thing is playing up sometimes it charges ok, but most times I have to switch it off at the mains and wait for it to restart. When it plays up it either clicks in to charge...
  6. Worcestershire Council Council chargers

    Charging Locations
    It looks like Chargemaster Polar are claiming (on their map) that a lot of Worcestershire chargers (including the infamous Webbs of Wychbold) are moving under their control, yet they're still showing as active on Charge your Car's map: Worcestershire County Council's web site is vague, it...
  7. Polar Plus Network

    General EV Discussion
    Couple of questions about the Polar Plus Network operated by ChargeMaster: What are your experiences with it? Have you managed to borrow one of their EVs for a test drive? If you've got a referral code, can you send it to me a.s.a.p. so I can use it when I sign up? Ta!
  8. ChargeMaster / Polar Keeping PAYG Option :-)

    General Charging Discussion
    Hadn't seen this on here - apologies if it's duplicate. After moaning to ChargeMaster that £8/month was unrealistic for occasional use, it seems they have relented! No idea if it still requires a £20 up front fee. But certainly good news for those of us who only want to use their network...