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  1. The New Porsche Taycan Electric Is Amazing

    General EV Discussion
    The all new electric super car from Porsche is really an impressive car. I know it's much more expensive than Tesla but this is just a typical Porsche product when it comes to built quality. I love the interior of Porsche Taycan and in my opinion the interior is what makes it different from...
  2. Just Driven M3 in California (along with Boxster S and MX5)

    Tesla Model 3
    There is a wonderful car share app big in the USA > Turo Turo car sharing marketplace | Find a rental car alternative or earn money sharing your car I love to compare cars for myself, as many reviews are biased by personal experiences and values. So over a few free days on a recent trip to LA I...
  3. BBC topgear says co2 test are ruining cars

    Off Topic and Banter
    In the latest BBC TopGear (S24 E07) Chris Harris reviews the new Porsche Cayman 718. BBC Two - Top Gear, Series 24, Episode 7 He has quite a lot to say about the bad change from a 6 cylinder to a 4 cylinder turbo engine because it "no longer sounds right". In his expert opinion, he says the...