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  1. Renault ZOE
    Hi, Has there been some sort of update to the preconditioning? My Zoe has started preconditioning every morning without any intervention from me! I've changed nothing in the car or on the app, but the car has started up each morning and is wasting kWhs!? Previously the preconditioning only...
  2. General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Trying to get my ZE services going so I can find car charging status and activate pre conditioning. Says "ZE Services Unavailable". Status of IMEI and SIM are OK. Do I need to take out a subscription with TomTom in order to activate ZE Services or have Renault just retired this feature? My...
  3. Renault ZOE
    According to the manual; From what I can gather that is a change from previous Zoes in that they didn't need to be connected, just over a certain charge level? If so, how does that work if you're using a scheduled charge? I.e. allow charge from 00:00 to 05:00, pre-condition by 07:00. Will it...
  4. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi there First post on the forum! Got my Ampera back in February and been really pleased with it. I’m wondering about the feature on the key to start the interior heating system before getting into the car... is it possible to do this with cooling it too? If so, how? Cheers
  5. General BMW EV Discussion
    Can anyone say what options are needed, if any, for a 225xe to be able to precondition? * remotely using an app vs from settings in the car * pre-cooling on a hot day * pre-warming on a cold day Thanks very much
  6. General BMW EV Discussion
    I downloaded BMW's ConnectedDrive app to my phone because I was led to believe that you can remotely switch on the air conditioning (or heating if you have the auxiliary heater installed) up to half an hour before you leave. Not only does this offer a pleasant environment as soon as you climb...
  7. General EV Discussion
    Preconditioning a car obviously uses power. I always thought that if the car was plugged in while preconditioning, the power was being taken from the mains and therefore had no impact on the battery and therefore range. Recent experience with my Zoe (R240) suggests differently. To benefit...
  8. First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi guys, Here's one that occured to me this morning and I thought I would ask you experienced owners. Ok, in the morning I precon the car, sometimes twice if I remember in time. I believe from other posts the car draws more power than the 16A charge port can handle so the car needs to recharge...
1-8 of 8 Results