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  1. Home Charger Reviews
    I just signed up to Ovo Anytime, having already been on the Drive tariff and being in possession of one of Kaluza's home chargers. It sounds a bit too good to be true, getting power (in the present climate) at 5p/kwh. Anyone have any experience of how how long I have to realistically plugged...
  2. Tesla Model S
    Hi everyone Any thoughts on likely prices of Model S post Model 3 announcement and more importantly the massive price cuts to Model S new cars. I noticed Tesla’s Used cars have not been re-priced so there are S100PDLs at over £30 more than the new ones!! Will we see a bunch of 2014/15 Model S...
  3. Tesla Model S
    For those that are interested in the used prices of Teslas, I thought the following might be an interesting insight into the fluctuations of prices over time. The car, a P85D, was first seen by me back in Nov and is now for sale at a higher price than it was back then. and 8k higher than the...
1-3 of 3 Results