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  1. General EV Discussion
    This is quite a good explanation for the record wholesale prices in January. A few factors but mostly seems to be lack of available capacity. ""Although low wind and high demand both contributed to the high price events (and wind generation was lower than average across the month), our...
  2. First Generation Ioniq
    The price of the 2020 Ionic Electric has just been revealed in Germany. €34,900 which will as we all know mean the same in £ so it looks like it will be £31500 after the PICG. Here is the link Everything We Know: New Hyundai IONIQ Electric, Including Price
  3. Tesla Model S
    Hi everyone Any thoughts on likely prices of Model S post Model 3 announcement and more importantly the massive price cuts to Model S new cars. I noticed Tesla’s Used cars have not been re-priced so there are S100PDLs at over £30 more than the new ones!! Will we see a bunch of 2014/15 Model S...
  4. General Charging Discussion
    Got stung recently a month later from using a charger that I had gotten used to and had always been free (and Zap-Map said was free) to find it had gone chargeable. On one hand I know people scoff when I moan about a non-free charge-point, but I should point out that the "free" posts are part of...
  5. Renault ZOE
    Are the used 22kw Zoe market prices about to plummet? Asking the Renault informed people this for a few reasons: 1. Miles Roberts, well known on this forum if you don't know him, he is Nissan seller. He recently posted a big list of cheap used 24kW Leaf's (see the classifieds forum section for...
  6. General Tesla Motors Discussion
    I wasn't wildly optimistic (maybe I was?) about the price Tesla's trade-in service would offer me for my old car but even I was surprised at how low it was tbh @ 18% below Webuyanycar's quotation. I was prepared to get gouged a bit for the convenience, but that's a lot. Hmm, I kinda expected...
1-6 of 7 Results