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  1. Will Leaf 40 pricing rise or fall during next 12 months?

    Nissan Leaf40
    The news of the last day of the Dutch government telling EU countries to avoid UK car manufacturing parts has got me thinking about the current and future Leaf 40 pricing. I am thinking as the UK gets further into the Brexit process it may actually drive the Leaf 40 price upwards? What do...
  2. Are the used 22kw Zoe market prices about to plummit?

    Renault ZOE
    Are the used 22kw Zoe market prices about to plummet? Asking the Renault informed people this for a few reasons: 1. Miles Roberts, well known on this forum if you don't know him, he is Nissan seller. He recently posted a big list of cheap used 24kW Leaf's (see the classifieds forum section for...
  3. Ecotricity Charging

    General Charging Discussion
    I wondered if anyone has information about charger usage since they started the charging for charging. I think the current scheme is unpleasant and is very expensive not to mention having to use an app to make it work. This is not clever, I don't use a smart phone and so it's difficult to use, I...
  4. tariff displays

    General Charging Discussion
    Following a twitter conversation I had with @CYC about how difficult it is to know a charging tariff, and how they should be conveyed to the users.. Have any of you seen on-screen displays of charger tariffs? The quality and accuracy of fees charged at fee-paying charge points is very variable...