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  1. No granny cable supplied with the eNiro

    Kia Niro
    Hi all, I'm in Ireland expecting to take delivery of an eNiro in a few weeks. The dealer has told myself and a number of other eNiro customers that Kia won't be supplying a granny cable with the car because there's been problems with the units and/or plugs melting. They've said Nissan, Hyundai...
  2. ChargedEV home charger problems

    Nissan Leaf40
    My ChargedEV module doesn’t recognise when I plug in my Leaf. Suggestions welcomed. Otherwise loving my first experience of ev motoring.
  3. Scheduled Charging not working

    Hyundai Kona
    Hi Guys. Having a problem with scheduled charging in that I can't get it to work! I setup 7am departure time everyday and set off peak between 11pm to 6am and only charge at off peak. Plugged in the 240v 10amp trickle charger but it doesn't start at 11pm when it should. Current charge is 45%...
  4. Could Outlander be causing Electrical Problems?

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    I recently bought a used Outlander PHEV. Charging using the 13A wall socket cable to charge. Though twice now have noticed that after charging electrical items in the house which have been plugged in to the same ring main have stopped working. I wondered whether this was coincidence or...
  5. A Day in the life of a GTE owner

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Day One, Saturday After many months of waiting, D day is here, prearranged with the dealer to collect the car (and pay!). 09:00, arrive and met by the sales person, run through paperwork, handed the card machine, slot in debit card, key in PIN, *boom* just like that spent £22k ;), scarily...
  6. CYC - charge doesn't start - SOLVED

    General Charging Discussion
    Anyone else had this? Affecting 7kW Elektromotive 'Elektrobay' posts in Islington and 7kW APT 'evolt' post in Derbyshire. All CYC. Only happened since last week - previously successfully charging my MY2017 i3 via our 3-ph 32A cable at the posts in Islington. Now gets stuck on "Ready to...
  7. Issue with Audio System - MY15 Nav Pro

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    Hello all, just signed up after discovering this forum.. did not realise there were so many posts already on the GTE (probably should have read some of them before buying one!) I have a June 2015 GTE with the navi pro but without car-net/mirror link and i have spoken to VW who have confirmed...
  8. e-tron occasional reversing problem

    Audi A3 e-tron
    Very occasionally I've noticed that when putting the car in reverse that pressing the accelerator pedal results in the car driving forwards. The rest of the car's features are registering that you're in reverse (parking sensors are enabled, rear camera comes on etc) but reverse gear clearly...
  9. Updates Infotainment bugs?

    First Generation Ampera and Volt
    Hi! I've read that many others have these infotainment bugs. Where it resets randomly, stations stored dissappear. BUT thw worst thing is! What's up with the DAB unit? In my olde car with an aftermarket DAB I could get radios like NRJ Mp3 etc. Now I only get some basic ones? Is there some...
  10. Any idea how to restore lost calendar syncing?

    Tesla Model S
    My MS seems to have lost all my calendar information, and I can't work out why. Yeah, it's a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but it was a useful shortcut to the nav system and I'd like it to work. I use Google calendars on an android phone (5.1 if that matters). The phone still...
  11. Problem uploading media

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Everytime I try to upload a picture I get an error message: "There was a problem uploading your file" it´s a jpg 376kb. Why is that? I have created an album where I inted to upload the pictures.