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  1. EV Charger Purchase and Installation Feedback

    General Charging Discussion
    Hey guys, I am a student at the new Cornell Tech University in New York City and I am currently working on a project with Con Edison to make EV charging more affordable, accessible and competitive. I would love some feedback from you all regarding the topic. Specifically: - What are the...
  2. Research questions on Ecotricity for Dissertation

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, I'm a student and was wondering if any former or current Ecotricity customers would mind answering a few questions for me. I could share my final dissertation for anyone who participated and is interested? 1. Do you receive any emails, offers, junk mail and/or gifts being an Ecotricity...
  3. The C-Zero/iON/iMIEV new owners questions thread

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Okay, so new owner of a 2009 iMIEV, 43000 miles. I am going to have a fair few questions in the coming weeks as I get more used to my new car, and try to fix a few issues. Q1a. First up the wireless key thing. I just changed the battery for a new one, but still can't get it to lock or unlock...
  4. Considering a used Outlander

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Hi all, Tempted by the offers on used PHEVs on the Mitsu website I'm beginning to consider one to replace my aging Ford Ranger pickup. Are there any model variants that are known to be worth avoiding? We're there any significant improvements made after certain date? (Our other car is a leaf...
  5. Ecotricity charging changes

    General EV Discussion
    How do we all feel about start a petition to ask Ecotricity to bring back RFID cards and charging per KW. My problems with the current system are: Ecotricty assume we can all use a Smart mobile. Wrong, 20% of people still carry a dumb phone and that number is actually increasing due to privacy...
  6. Tesla Stockport Manchester

    Tesla Model S
  7. Golf GTE e-remote problems

    Volkswagen Golf GTE
    My 2016 model has carnet and G&I plus all working. BUT the e-remote active functionality Is not working as is should. Can see doors locked, battery status and parked location, BUT cannot remotely activate charging, air con nor modify departure times. VWUK tell me they have no fix, and no date...
  8. My leaf has charging problems an update

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I have a 2015 leaf tekna , for the first six months it was a dream but travelling home in heavy rain in early sept when I got home the car charged for ten mins and shut down I disconnected and it started charging , the next morning it had a 6% charge so I left it at home assuming moisture in the...
  9. Infotainment not working car 24 hours old

    General Volkswagen EV Forum
    Hi all Got my car delivered in Friday with 8 miles in the clock all happy. Went out last night, whilst parked and charging the heavens opened with driving wind and rain. Unplugged charger got in and the stereo turned itself off, put it back on tried to select menu and it switched off. Wouldn't...