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public charge points

  1. Intelligent Charging & Public Chargers

    BMW i3
    I have recently installed a economy 7 meter at home and set up the intelligent charging online, seems to work perfect, however I see in doing this the public chargers I use now cut out after a short while. Do I have to add ever public charger I may use to the intelligent charging portal, or...
  2. Curbside Charging??

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello folks! I'm about to start a long-term rent (1 year minimum) of a brand new BMW i3s. I'm very excited for it! However, my housing situation is that I live in a flat in Berlin, without access to a private parking lot or the like. Thus, I have to park overnight by the roadside, when I would...
  3. Crude Public Chargers

    General Charging Discussion
    Can I ask why no-one has produced a properly engineered low-tech public charge point? It would look like a self-service petrol pump. Weather proof card reader and charging cables. No clever apps and Comms to go wrong. And you would test it in the Arctic and the Sahara, just like they do with...
  4. EV Owners in the UK

    Ice Breakers
    Hey all! If you could spend a few minutes answering 8 questions in my survey that will be very helpful! Electric Vehicles