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public charging stations

  1. More or less public charging

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, it is an assumption that as BEV batteries get bigger with more range, the need for public charging goes down. But if the extra range means the BEV is used more for much longer trips then it could be that the need for public charging actually goes up. So if you have switched to a longer range...
  2. Experience with public chargers not working?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everybody, I've been driving my friend's VW eGolf for a few weeks now through Rotterdam, and it's been a great experience! However, I've experienced software problems with the charging stations that would not allow me to use the charger. Now my question: Do I seem to be the only person with...
  3. Curbside Charging??

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello folks! I'm about to start a long-term rent (1 year minimum) of a brand new BMW i3s. I'm very excited for it! However, my housing situation is that I live in a flat in Berlin, without access to a private parking lot or the like. Thus, I have to park overnight by the roadside, when I would...
  4. Tour of Cornwall

    First Generation Ioniq
    Just back from a trip to Cornwall from Bedfordshire, my first ever EV trip over 50 miles and using public chargers. Plenty of 50Kw chargers on M4 & M5 also in most major towns.(Ecotricity,Genie & Podpoint) On the trip West bound I had a bad attack of RANGE ANXEITY!! I charged 5 times 2 of them...
  5. Where do people charge and why?? tell me your experience!

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all on this great Forum, I am thinking of buying a Full Electric Vehicle: I have shortlisted the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf). I have three questions I would like to all people owning and driving an EV. Where do you usually charge your electric vehicle? Is there a particular reason you use...
  6. 1st time public Level 2 install: get fancy bollard ($$$) or plain-Jane charger on budget?

    General Charging Discussion
    I’m a sustainability coordinator at a rural Midwestern non-profit of ~200 co-workers supporting a diversity of operations (retreat center, tiny college, nursing home, etc). We are behind the curve as to EV adoption. There are only two public Level 2 stations in the county. Demand for a charger...
  7. Government debate on electric vehicles

    General EV Discussion
    Electric and hybrid car discussion in parliament on Wednesday 6th July. Some very interesting topics discussed with all ministers agreeing that more charging points need to be introduced throughout the UK. MP's also touch on intervention and requirements for local authorities to be 'obliged' to...
  8. New Ampera owner

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, so cool to drive my new Ampera, a bit of a pain figuring out how to charge it in public. Lots of different cables, suppliers, cards to apply for etc...HELP!