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public charging

  1. Unlocking whilst charging

    BMW i3
    So I'm still getting used to the little quirks surrounding my i3. It's only been about three weeks so far. One that I'm finding a little annoying is that when I'm charging, unlocking the doors interrupts the charging session. At home this is fine. Lock things again and it starts back up. At...
  2. Chargeplace Scotland Charge Point Ownership

    General Charging Discussion
    Does anyone know much about how the Chargeplace Scotland fault process works? It seems that some points go a long time with outstanding issues. My understanding is that when you report a fault to Chargeplace Scotland (operated by CYC), they pass it on to the host and they are due to provide an...
  3. Any other California Kona EV owners?

    Ice Breakers
    Greetings from California, San Francisco area! Looking at these forums it seems its mostly UK folks here but I wonder about any California related forums for EV owners? I just took delivery of a new Kona EV about two weeks ago. This is my first EV and a big jump from up from my old Honda Civic...
  4. Experience with public chargers not working?

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi everybody, I've been driving my friend's VW eGolf for a few weeks now through Rotterdam, and it's been a great experience! However, I've experienced software problems with the charging stations that would not allow me to use the charger. Now my question: Do I seem to be the only person with...
  5. Curbside Charging??

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello folks! I'm about to start a long-term rent (1 year minimum) of a brand new BMW i3s. I'm very excited for it! However, my housing situation is that I live in a flat in Berlin, without access to a private parking lot or the like. Thus, I have to park overnight by the roadside, when I would...
  6. Recommended membership for occaisional public charger use

    General Charging Discussion
    I have an EV (Nissan Leaf) on order, and am expecting to do the vast majority of my charging at home or work. However there will be a few cases a year where I'll need to charge on a public charger. What would be the recommendations for any network memberships etc to allow me to get access to a...
  7. 22kW charge capable vehicles

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi folks, I've been trying to figure out the attraction of 22kW chargers in public places. Here in Ireland all the ESB run chargers typically have 2x 22kW Type 2 sockets (using 3 phase). This seems to be pretty typical elsewhere too The thing is, none of the current generation of EVs seem to...
  8. Please help! What cables do I need for charging on public networks (no off street parking...)

    BMW i3
    Hi all, new EV driver here. Picking up my used BMW approved 64 plate BMW i3 REx on Saturday. Already in fear and trepidation of all the threads on here about faults on them but apart from that I have no clue about charging. The myriad of charge point companies, cables, AC/DC (honestly thought it...
  9. Charging & the Budget

    General Charging Discussion
    Good news that there is to be a new fund for upgrading the EV charging infrastructure. I wonder how that will be dispensed? £400 million is pledged but half that has to come from the private sector. Budget 2017: Government unveils EV funding bonanza, confirms no new low carbon levies
  10. Public charging, Oxford and Abingdon for me but this applies everywhere

    General EV Discussion
    Hi fellow Ev'ers, I am encouraged to see that at the new Westgate in Oxford has invested in 50 (yes 50!) charging points ranging from 7kw to 22kw. Some are free, some charge (no pun intended). I would encourage anyone who thinks we still need more in Oxford or Abingdon to contact their local...
  11. Longer Range vs Faster Charging ... The race!

    General EV Discussion
    Have already posted this in the Renault Zoe forum where there is a discussion between the 2 charging speed models but figured it's interesting from a general EV perspective too. If doing a long journey, is range or charge speed more important (if you can only pick one)? Well, let's let CNet...