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  1. Undecided on which Zoe to purchase :/

    Renault ZOE
    Dear forum users, I have come to a crossroad which has deterred my decision-making ability on which Zoe to pick as my very first car. I am hoping you guys would pour in valuable opinions and advice in getting me out of this dire situation. Which Zoe would you prefer out of the following two...
  2. Renault Fluence EV purchase advice

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    I'm interested to purchase my first EV. Spotted a Renault Fluence EV for sale but worried about the obvious battery longevity question. So scanned around this form, but have not yet found some of the answers to my questions; I'll enquire about the current range and SOH and have listed some...
  3. Who to sell Zoe onto?

    Renault ZOE
    Zoe is due back on a few months at end of PCP? If RCi offer reasonable balloon payment I am considering keeping it. However, I wonder: How will I ever get rid off Zoe in the future? I accept that the car might not have any value in a couple of years, but what do I do with the car to stop the...
  4. Buying through Carwow

    General EV Discussion
    So I've been reading this forum for a few months - thanks for great advice, have watched loads of Youtube videos and read blogs, and am ready to buy an EV. Having narrowed the options down to 3 models and wanting a good deal I have requested offers for the cars I'm interested in on Carwow and...
  5. EVs in the Scottish Highlands or your 1st EV?

    General EV Discussion
    Here's a great piece about EVs in the Scottish Highlands. it focuses on the Leaf but is interesting from the standpoint of any EV and great if your still considering your options (EV, ICE or somewhere in-between)... Electric Cars - Realistic For Climbers and Hillwalkers? by Es Tresidder...
  6. Perilously close to placing order - a few Q's

    Tesla Model S
    Hi, Push Button - get Tesla Would be great to get some advice from you guys, I have been a lurker on these forums for a while. I think we will be pushing the button on a Tesla soon, the Jolltax clan and I went to Birmingham Tesla and went for a test drive in an 85D (I think) and were impressed...