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  1. Barriers of electric vehicle adoption?

    General EV Discussion
    Hello, I am currently undergoing my master's degree dissertation thesis. My topic is assessing the barriers that are currently stopping the public from switching to an electric vehicle. I have created a questionnaire to aid my research on my chosen topic. Any participation and feedback are...
  2. Student looking for some willing research participants!

    Ice Breakers
    Hi Everyone! My name is Cheryl and I am a final year student at Glasgow Caledonian University. I am currently undertaking my dissertation about electric vehicles and I am looking for some of you lovely people to answer a few questions about being an electric car owner! I have attached the...
  3. Electric Vehicle Charger Questionnaire

    Ice Breakers
    Hi all, My name is Joel, I'm in my final year at the University of Portsmouth doing a project on Electric Vehicle Chargers. As part of my research I'm conducting a questionnaire of people who own or are in the advanced stages of purchasing a charger. It's a small survey, requiring no more...
  4. Electric Car questionnaire

    General EV Discussion
    Hello, I am an undergraduate at Cardiff Metropolitan University and am currently undertaking a dissertation where I am exploring the behavioral decisions made by individuals concerning electrical car purchases. The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify the consumer behaviour towards...
  5. Can you guys answer these questions about EV cars?

    General EV Discussion
    Hey guys, My name is Carson and I'm currently doing a project on the importance of electric cars. It would be awesome if you guys could help me out and answer the two questions below for me. 1. Do you drive an electric or fuel powered car? Why? 2. Do you think electric cars...
  6. Research sub-forum

    Site Feedback and Wishlists
    Moderators: There is an increasing number of requests from students and researchers wanting to conduct questionnaire surveys of EV owners on this forum. Can we please have a special sub-forum for these? It would provide one location for all such surveys (though some postings may have to be...
  7. Charging pole adapter questionnaire

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello people! My name is Koen Elands and I am a third year automotive engineering student at the Technical university of Eindhoven. For a project we designed an adapter on a charging pole which will be more energy efficient so it will reduce the costs of charging and it is better for the energy...
  8. Do you think that the Electric vehicles are the solution to road traffic noise?

    General EV Discussion
    Dear all, I am a PHD student doing a research related with EV´s noise and vibrations. I would like tu request your help answering a questionnaire. it only takes you five minutes. What is your opinion about road traffic noise? Do you think that the Electric vehicles are the solution? Please...