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  1. Renault ZOE
    Hi all, I'm a new (3 weeks) owner of a Zoe. I've got a question about recharging it. It's an R240 model. I've been using a 22Kw chargepoint (Mill St. Perth) and the Renault ZE app reports this as being a slow charger. Today I used the rapid charger in South Inch car park, Perth. The ZE app...
  2. Renault ZOE
    I picked up our black Zoe R240 last week and it so far it has far exceeded our expectations. Having followed this forum for quite a while I expected the worst, i.e. not charging, heater not working, BCI error, etc. So, already in a semi-paranoid state, I thoroughly tested everything I could to...
  3. Renault ZOE
    Came across this today, thought it might warrant its own thread. Aparently the R240 has an increased useable battery capacity from 22kWh to 23.3kWh. Below link to Renault video presentation by chief battery Engineer of Renault, check out at 5:10.
1-3 of 3 Results