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  1. Energy™ EV low rolling resistance tyres ??

    Renault ZOE
    Just been reading about the launch of Zoe in 2012 was fitted with Energy™ EV low rolling resistance tyres .... well I just bought a 2013 model and it has bog standard run of the mill tyres on it the same most other cars such as ICE cars and was wondering 2 things , what effect does this have on...
  2. Nissan Leaf 24 - range variability

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi all - I'm new to this forum and a brand new owner of a 2014 Nissan Leaf 24, my first EV. I'm very excited. So I'm trying to get to grips with the car's range. Having read enough on this forum I now understand a few things: ignore the GOM (had to search around to find out what that meant)...
  3. What to expect from Renault re my leased Kangoo batteries

    General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Today I bought a 2011 Renault Kangoo ZE van for £5,900 inc. VAT. Renault said that the lease battery state of health is 78% so I expected it to have a range of roughly 110x0.78=86 miles. I bought it fully charged and gently nursed it up the motorway at 55 mph but it was into the red zone after...
  4. I-Pace Review and Top Speed Range

    Jaguar I-PACE
    Hi there! I had the opportunity to borrow an I-Pace for a few days. Loved the handling! I did what I normally do. Make a review and a top speed video. Hope you like it!
  5. 300 mile range for European manufactured Kona 64 kWh vehicles

    Hyundai Kona
    Indian press reports that European manufactured Kona 64 kWh will come with a maximum range of 484 km vice 452 km (286 miles), but complains this will not increase for 64 kWh Konas available in India. The report states that it does not know how this increase will be achieved and speculates...
  6. High fuel consumption in "hybrid" mode, low e-range

    Other EV Makes and Models
    Hi Everyone, I was testing my Ampera in this nice and cold weather how much is the mpg using it in only the "hybrid" mode. I did 65 miles in total and got 21-22mpg which, in my view, is sh*t. Though the heating is on max mode with a temp set of 23C-25C and usually doing only 4-8 miles in one go...
  7. Car is losing miles too quickly?

    General EV Discussion
    Hi there, I'm new to the world of electric cars having only recently bought a five-year VW E-Up, So forgive me if asking an obvious question. I'm noticing the mileage I have seems to drain more quickly than the distance I am actually travelling. So for example I may do 5 miles but my range has...
  8. 63 mile range and 42 miles to go

    Tesla Model 3
    Is this possible? The car failed to charge last night and the nearest SuC with space is 42 miles away, other than Edinburgh but it is currently full. I will check tonight before I leave if I can get into it but if not will I make it to Perth or do I try a quick charge at Dunfermline or Kinross?
  9. i3 vs i3s - 120aH

    BMW i3
    Serious predicament! I specified a 120ah i3, with the suite interior and the i3 plus package this week, through a salary sacrifice scheme. I test drove one of the i3's and it was a blast to be fair. Once a month I'd be looking to do a 120 mile journey (100 miles of it being motorway), although...
  10. Mileage range

    BMW i3
    Hi. I’ve just bought a June made 2016 BMW i3 and I was wondering what the mileage range was ? Mine is currently doing around 60 miles which I am quite disappointed with. Is this right ? (I’m aware that the battery range will be less considering its winter and I’m using the lights / windscreen...
  11. Range vs Efficiency

    General EV Discussion
    It seems to me that the EV market is missing a key piece of information when you are looking for your next vehicle. For all ICE we have for years based our view of efficiency on MPG, but I can't find any such readily available indicator for EVs. It's not hard to find the total WLTP range and...
  12. range question

    Renault ZOE
    Hello, We like the idea of an ev, but not sure on the range. We often do airport runs with friends and family. It's usually a 100 miles journey with avg 2 passengers and baggage (+AC!). What kind of Zoe would be able to do this? Thanks
  13. Buying used 2014 Zoe Intens

    Renault ZOE
    Hello everyone, since i have always been a fan of EVs, and my peugeot 206 just got totaled, i need a cheap car (gonna have to lease it). I live in Portugal, and im looking at the used Renault Zoe market here, i have my eyes on a used 2014 renault zoe intens with 30000kms, with batteries paid...
  14. Why 10 days a year may prevent a EV car for me

    General EV Discussion
    I've been watching the EV market for many months now, and let me state up front... I would really like to get one; and may still but the problems described below will be hard to overcome. I live in Minneapolis MN, and currently drive a 2011 Cadilac STS AWD with 78,000 miles on it. I drive...
  15. Tripled Battery Life

    General Charging Discussion
    A potential improvement to battery life announced by Trinity College Dublin New Material Developed By Irish Scientists Could Increase Our Average Smartphone Battery Life By Over 300% – Irish Tech News
  16. Land’s End to John O’Groats in a EV????

    General EV Discussion
    How long should l allow to go from London to Land’s End then Land’s End to John O’Groats then to John O’Groats back to London, just under 2000 miles? Maybe this is one for the Guinness book of records;) If I drive like Miss Daisy I might do 100 miles a day in my e250 :p
  17. EV FAQ

    General EV Discussion
    Hello everyone, My name is James and I am posting about the new site I have launched; www.electricvehicleexpert.com The aim of the site is to try to help the transition to electric vehicles by providing the information and answers to all topics around electric vehicles. I have started this...
  18. My Range

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    Well I was loosing sleep with range anxiety and making a 65 mile trip mainly on the motorway (M25-M26_M20) thinking the range would disappear when I got on the motorway, but was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I did my 65mile trip I went on a 8 mile trip 1st to the Mercedes dealership...
  19. New Owner - Disappointing Range

    General Mercedes EV Discussion
    Hi all, first post here and an EV newbie. Just bought a Electric Art B250e from a Mercedes dealer. Car is lovely, it’s no looker, but very well equipped and fun to drive. One thing that’s worrying me is the 66 mile range prediction. I know it’s just a guess, but after a 24 mile journey at...
  20. More or less public charging

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi, it is an assumption that as BEV batteries get bigger with more range, the need for public charging goes down. But if the extra range means the BEV is used more for much longer trips then it could be that the need for public charging actually goes up. So if you have switched to a longer range...