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rapid ac

  1. Yet another BCI, Recommendations?

    Renault ZOE
    I'm asking on here to try to be able to diagnose the common Battery Charging Impossible fault. So far I've had it 2/3 times when trying to rapid charge. Never when using 7KW or 22KW Posts. First time it happened was at an Ecotricity Unit back in November, I originally was going to take it back...
  2. Excessive use of Rapid Chargers? (Shout out to Genie Point AKA CPS)

    Renault ZOE
    Hi All, My 2013 Zoe has just had a brand new Battery pack fitted around 600 miles ago, and with my lovely new +20 miles of range, we thought now might be the time to visit family in the far north of England, 350 miles away. Our journey started well, my wife's lead food still left us with 30%...
  3. SOLD- 2015 BMW i3 DC Rapid Charge (65 Plate) - SOLD

    Drive Green
    2015 BMW i3 DC Rapid Charge Late 2015 BMW i3 with the important rapid charge upgrade Mileage: 13900 This i3 has low miles, is in great condition and has the most important option – AC and DC Rapid Charge Preparation. This allows the i3 to become a useful car for any journey with only 25-30...
  4. Rapid Charger Hogging - Worse than ICEing

    General Charging Discussion
    This will be familiar to many of you I'm sure and I am probably just posting this to vent some frustration.. This evening I was running really low on juice and made a small diversion to the @POD Point rapid at Lidl in Gipton. I needed about 15-20 mins or so to get enough power to drive to a...
  5. T2 conn on CYC DBT unit is "blocked". Is this only such unit? Wray Lane viewpoint off M25

    Charging Locations
    @CYC I was at the Wray Lane charger above Reigate just off the M25 yesterday, and noticed that the option to charge from the T2 connector was labelled "blocked" on the display. I assume that the T2 connector has been deliberately dis-abled? I was just wondering what the reasons are? I can...
  6. New rapid charger in Aberdeen

    Charging Locations
    Some information I've copied over from the Scottish EV Facebook group: A new rapid charger has arrived at the Broomhill Road car park. Due to technical issues it isn't live yet, the contractor is returning in the first week of October to get it up and running. This is a rapid triple charger able...
  7. Not so rapid rapid AC on some Chargemaster rapid chargers?

    Charging Locations
    This may be of interest to some Zoe drivers in Chargemaster territory, especially those paying by time rather than by kWh: Looking at Chargemaster's latest updates, it seems that some of the AC rapid chargers they've upgraded / updated lately are claiming to be limited to 25kW AC, when the...