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  1. Polar Rapid Chargers at Hotels

    Charging Locations
    So I've just failed to use one of these at a Holiday Inn. The whole setup is flawed. A rapid charger should be somewhere you stay for a short time, like a service station. Most people would stay at a Holiday Inn overnight. So the clever people at Polar put one single rapid in the Holiday Inn...
  2. Rapid Charging Hub - Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire

    Charging Locations
    Good morning all, Currently writing a bid to Welsh Government for them to try and fund a Rapid Charging hub at Cross Hands, Carmarthenshire just off the A48 and near to Starbucks, Aldi, McDonalds etc. The hub will initially consist of: 4 x 50kW Rapid Chargers 1 x 150kW Ultra Rapid Charger If...
  3. Superchargers Can Have Problems SHOCK!

    General Charging Discussion
    As a lowly PHEV owner I never charge at Motorway services. However with an eye to going on to a BEV next year I have started to take a direct interest in the main road charging infrastructure on a recent long journey. It seems to be as ragged as people say but I was impressed with the...
  4. For Sale 2018 (68) Blue 94ah BMW i3 Range Extender – High Spec

    Drive Green
    https://drive-green.co.uk/product/2018-68-blue-94ah-bmw-i3-range-extender-high-spec/ Mileage: 2,850 Price: £27,995 This is a fantastic condition BMW i3 in a Blue finish. It has DC Rapid charge preparation and a Range Extender. It also comes with a 94ah battery that gives you 110+ miles in a...
  5. Home rapid charger market research (survey takes 1 minute!)

    Ice Breakers
    Hi, I have a survey for a proposed rapid charging system for home use. The research is part of a university project and is just an idea but would hugely appreciate any responses. It's only 6 questions and takes one minute! The questions are for EV owners and ask about charging habits etc. Rapid...
  6. PodPoint incorrect charge % ?

    General Charging Discussion
    I just bought a 2nd hand Nissan Leaf and today for the first time I tried the rapid charge at a PodPoint station. I followed the instructions and it showed charging to 80% (from 50%). All went fine, until I got into the car. The car said it had 77% charge, but once I started driving the battery...
  7. Does charging on more modern ChaDeMo charges mean higher temperatures?

    General Charging Discussion
    Just an impression: When I use Instavolt or Polar rapid chargers it seems that my battery temperature indicator collects an extra bar compared to a similar charge on an EH charger. Anyone else notice this?
  8. Article on EVs and charging infrastructure - journalist request

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I am a reporter on the business desk at the Daily Mail newspaper. I am working on a piece about the UK's EV charging infrastructure and how easy it is to use. I'm keen to hear from as many EV drivers as possible on their experiences to make sure I get across the real picture. For example...
  9. Sold 2014 BMW i3 – Rapid DC, Park Assist, Harmon Kardon, Pro Nav

    Drive Green
    2014 BMW i3 – Rapid DC, Park Assist, Harmon Kardon, Pro Nav Many upgrades, a fantastic spec Mileage: 33000 We have another great BMW i3 available to view at Drive Green from 2nd January. This car comes with the Laurus Grey body which really shows off the i3s revolutionary design and fits...
  10. Sold 2014 BMW i3 Lodge with Upgrades

    Drive Green
    2014 BMW i3 Lodge with Rapid & Upgrades Great spec BMW i3 with Lodge interior and great upgrades Mileage: 33000 Short Description: Another great BMW i3 in stock at Drive Green. This one is in Laurus Grey which looks fantastic with the upgraded 19” turbine alloys. It has the upgraded lodge...
  11. Sold 2014 BMW i3 – Rapid DC in Laurus Grey

    Drive Green
    2014 BMW i3 – Rapid DC in Laurus Grey A great looking i3 in Laurus Grey with turbine alloys and Rapid DC Charge Preparation Mileage: 24000 A fantastic i3 in stock with us now. It has the all important DC Rapid Charge upgrade that allows for 25-30 minute recharging on the road. This...
  12. SOLD- 2015 BMW i3 DC Rapid Charge (65 Plate) - SOLD

    Drive Green
    2015 BMW i3 DC Rapid Charge Late 2015 BMW i3 with the important rapid charge upgrade Mileage: 13900 This i3 has low miles, is in great condition and has the most important option – AC and DC Rapid Charge Preparation. This allows the i3 to become a useful car for any journey with only 25-30...
  13. Renault Zoe Rapid charge

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone, I've been test driving a Zoe and Leaf for a few days and whilst I like the Leaf it's price really puts me off. I loved the Zoe but the only niggle for me was that when I went to charge at an Ecotricity pump it came up charging impossible on the dash. Firstly is that a common...
  14. Is it safe to mainly use rapid chargers?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Hi After reading so many opinions online I am still confused. So... Is it safe/OK/good or not to use mainly rapid chargers(RC) to charge my 2014 24kW Leaf? I tend to use RC 90%+ times to charge my car over the first month after purchase before my home charger installation. I have an easy access...