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rapid charging

  1. Rapid Charger at Llandovery

    Charging Locations
    If anyone is interested this just went live on Sell2Wales: View Notice - Sell2Wales
  2. Hello from Engenie!

    Ice Breakers
    Hello all. I wanted to stop in and introduce myself, having recently taken the plunge to leave Amazon after several years launching and running the Amazon Locker project and join Engenie to roll out rapid chargers across the UK. Our chargers, though few in number today, are accessible to all -...
  3. Could you be the EV driver quoted in our press release?

    Charging Locations
    Hi everyone, Engenie have recently installed two new rapid chargers (CCS, AC and CHAdeMO) at Ortongate Shopping Centre in Peterborough and I've got a press release to go out to local news publications on Monday. I'm looking for quotes from EV drivers whom these chargers benefit - even just a...
  4. Rapid charging

    First Generation Ioniq
    Hi guys, Sorry if this has been covered already. What sort.of charging times are you getting on Rapids in the Ioniq as I am thinking of jumping from my Leaf 40kwh due to #rapidgate. I am going to be driving 450 miles to Scotland soon and will need to do multiple rapids to get there. In my Leaf...
  5. Zap-map showing lots of chargers down along proposed route, how accurate is it?

    General EV Discussion
    I'm planning to drive Bournemouth-Southport via M27, M3, A34, M40, M6 tomorrow in a Leaf 24. I've done it before in summer (3 stops) and autumn (4 stops) and in those trips all the chargers worked. Now it's come to winter it seems it's a different story. So much red on Zap-Map. It looks like...
  6. 14 month old ZOE - electrical issues

    Renault ZOE
    It's been a while since my last forum post, but my ZOE is now 14 months old and for the last month-and-a-half has been giving constant electrical issues. I'm interested to hear if these sound familiar to others... It all started with the amber check electrical system light, which initially came...
  7. EV Specialist Insurance Company - great price

    General EV Discussion
    Hi - posted this elsewhere yesterday, but thought it might be of interest to those about to insure their EV: I found Plug Insure via ZapMap link and including my 9 year no claims bonus and including legal cover, courtesy car, vandalism cover, EU driving, (£300 excess), paid £274.00. Very...
  8. Renault Zoe Rapid charge

    Ice Breakers
    Hello everyone, I've been test driving a Zoe and Leaf for a few days and whilst I like the Leaf it's price really puts me off. I loved the Zoe but the only niggle for me was that when I went to charge at an Ecotricity pump it came up charging impossible on the dash. Firstly is that a common...
  9. Ecotricity have stopped expanding their network

    General Charging Discussion
    I've noticed recently that the growth in the Ecotricity Electric Highway has stalled completely. Are they going to continue expanding now that they're 'charging for charging' or are they recouping costs incurred so far? You can see the Ecotricity graph, and others, here: EV Status
  10. Rapid charger error while using the "accessories port"

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    So I bought myself a little car vacuum cleaner that runs of the 12V accessories port in my LEAF. The idea is that while I am sat a rapid charger waiting to get underway again I can clean up inside the car. Today I tried doing this for the first time. Brilliant!.... ... well it was until the DBT...
  11. Government debate on electric vehicles

    General EV Discussion
    Electric and hybrid car discussion in parliament on Wednesday 6th July. Some very interesting topics discussed with all ministers agreeing that more charging points need to be introduced throughout the UK. MP's also touch on intervention and requirements for local authorities to be 'obliged' to...
  12. Model 3 Super charging???

    Tesla Model 3
    We all know the model 3 will be "super Charging Capable" which I guess will either be a upfront cost or a pay as you go service as Tesla could bill you direct. My question Is, if you don't opt for Super charging Does this mean you wont be able to use a chademo adapter? does it shut off the...
  13. Home DC charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    JUICE DIRECTOR 1 Looks like 32A 3p AC -> 20kW DC (yay!) delivered on CCS (boo!) My reading of the specs could be wrong as my German is extremely limited, but if the price is right ...
  14. Ecotricity Network Improvements

    Charging Locations
    I know that historically the rapid charge network had a bit of a bad reputation but things have really improved over the last year. I think the graph below pretty much sums up how much work Ecotricity have been doing. The live graph can be seen over on my site, EV Status, here: EV Status...
  15. My nearest rapid charger is designed NOT to work with Outlanders.

    Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
    Salford Royal Hospital Car Park, a rapid charger that takes CYC cards! What a find. A car in position when I arrived but the driver was sitting in reading a paper so I thought it worth waiting. Sure enough, just 5 minutes later he unhooked and left. Packed spaces around the charge point so I...
  16. Bay to remember

    Charging Locations
    Hi, planning the journey to 'bay to remember' which is in GWBERT, SA431PP, West Wales. I have the big leg between the last rapid just behind Swansea to this post code. While looking at the few maps (pod point, cyc, sse and a lot more), found one rapid at the Nant y Ci Park and Ride (SA313RS)...
  17. Oxford Another abandoned Hybrid not plugged in!

    Charging Locations
    Nice handy parking space!:rolleyes:
  18. Ecotricity's Electric Highway at All Time Best !

    General Charging Discussion
    Only 13 rapid charge points are shown as out of order on their map today, 5 ChadeMo/AC and 6 CCS out of a total of 283. That is a fantastic effort to get the charge points up an running and all involved should be congratulated !

    BMW i3
    I've just picked up my i3 and whenever i try and connect to a rapid charger a warning sign comes up on the dash saying not enough power is coming though (or similar). I've gone to charge settings and lower the speed to average instead of Max. I tried 7 different charging points at wesfield...
  20. New rapid chargers in Greenwich

    Charging Locations
    Royal Borough of Greenwich have installed four rapid chargers on CYC, and they are probably the fairest tariff rate per kWh going for a non-free rapid charger. 18p/kWh. I certainly wouldn't think twice about paying that rate for rapid charging when away from home.