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  1. For Sale. Renault Zoe 2015 White Dynamique Intense Q210. Buy out lease for £2750

    Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hi, I’m selling my Zoe, it’s a 2015 Dynamique Intense rapid charging model with battery lease (starting from £49 p/m). Renault are allowing people to buy out leases now. This is an electric car, not a hybrid or anything like that. It is a lovely drive, it is quiet as you’d expect. The range...
  2. Unusable Rapid - cable too short

    General Charging Discussion
    Just a week into my iPace and starting to come up with some issues, not necessarily car-related. Just pulled up at my nearest Rapid (ChargeYourCar). One of the two bays was free, and the CCS connector was available. Frustrated to discover that the tethered CCS cable is too short to reach the...
  3. "Spotify of EV Networks"

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello everyone, Here’s a new EV charging startup that we are launching: Bonnet With a single monthly subscription, drivers get unlimited charge on a multitude of public charging networks in the UK and internationally (all of them eventually). No more different pay-as-you-go fees per kWh...
  4. Nissan Leaf not compatible with new polar chargers.

    General Charging Discussion
    I have recently used 3 separate polar rapid chargers that all say my car is not compatible with them. It usually does the pre-charge checks, then gets to the communication part, then after about 20 seconds, it’ll come up with a big red ‘X’ on the screen, saying vehicle not compatible with...
  5. Shell Recharge are expanding!

    General Charging Discussion
    Just seen this in my twitter feed, looks like they are doing major cities first, 30 + chargers being rolled out across the UK. Seems like they've been busy introducing contactless and planning for more chargers! Shell boost for electric car owners Good to see the price staying the same though...
  6. Water cooling idea for 40kW Leaf?

    Nissan Leaf40
    I was talking about this on FB so I'm posting it here while the idea is fresh in my mind. ________________ There's so much wasted space, they could easily have fitted water cooling in there, with an external radiator behind the front air scoop. Maybe someone will do a retrofit. It can't be a...
  7. plugged in midlands rapid

    General Charging Discussion
    Is there any limit I can use this card on free rapids? have let someone else use it before now when their card would not work. If I was to have 2 ev's would I need 2 cards?
  8. Bournemouth to Aberystwyth and back

    General Charging Discussion
    My 40kw Zoe is now due to arrive before September which is great news, and by chance I now have a conference to attend for work in the first week of September. I have been to Aberystwyth in the past and got the train but thought as I'll be so excited about my new car I would drive it and get...
  9. #rapidgate response from Nissan - not good

    Nissan Leaf40
    Hi folks, I just contacted Nissan UK customer services (0330 123 1231) and asked for an update on the #rapidgate issue on the 40kWh Leaf. Their response essentially mirrors what Nissan USA said a few weeks back. - They are now not recommending doing more than 2 rapid charges in a day, and...
  10. Lidl fining for charging...

    General Charging Discussion
    I used the rapid at Lidl Gipton the other day. Noticed that the Pod-Point app only had the opening hours of the store on it, although access to the charger is open, so it could be used 24/7. I let Pod-Point know this to ask they update the info and they have replied to me saying that, although...
  11. Location Rapid in Dunoon?

    Charging Locations
    Hi I hope someone can help? I'm planning trip to various locations around Scotland in our Nissan Leaf. Attempting to see exact locations of Rapids helps me plan and feel so much more comfortable! The only Rapid I'm having difficulty locating is the one in Dunoon. Having used Zap-map, CYC and...
  12. Is Mitsubish making a mistake by not giving US PHEV Outlander DC Chademo charging?

    General Charging Discussion
    REF: Why Mitsubishi Is Making a Big Mistake By Removing CHAdeMO Quick Charging on U.S. Outlander Plug-in Hybrid Transport Evolved are saying they are making a big mistake. I am not so sure. No idea what the rationale is, but it can only be good news for BEVS in the US? Interestingly Australia...
  13. CCS or AC adaptor needed for Leaf Rapid charging

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Not looking for a debate on the merits on any particular EV or Rapid hogging etc. However I need to adapt to changes in my local charging environment. The local Rapids are all besieged by Outlanders. There is even a Tesla Model S driver on the scene now charging on DC. He has an adapter to turn...
  14. Leaf Gen1 low mileage, low SOH!

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    Just bought a cheap Gen1, 61 plate, 37k but SOH only 79%. It's only ever had 27 rapid charges. Could the SOH improve with a rapid charging routine?
  15. Electric cars could be charged at Shell service stations from 2017

    General Charging Discussion
    Deleted - another user has posted an identical discussion on another thread.
  16. Home DC charger?

    General Charging Discussion
    JUICE DIRECTOR 1 Looks like 32A 3p AC -> 20kW DC (yay!) delivered on CCS (boo!) My reading of the specs could be wrong as my German is extremely limited, but if the price is right ...
  17. Bay to remember

    Charging Locations
    Hi, planning the journey to 'bay to remember' which is in GWBERT, SA431PP, West Wales. I have the big leg between the last rapid just behind Swansea to this post code. While looking at the few maps (pod point, cyc, sse and a lot more), found one rapid at the Nant y Ci Park and Ride (SA313RS)...
  18. Is Ecotricity's Free Rapid Charging Network Stifling Investment, Competition?

    General EV Discussion
    All this Talk of the future of EV Charging stations got me thinking Does Ecotricity's free charging network prevent others joining the business of rapid charging? My thoughts Do Free Rapids Prevent? 1. Investment from other companies 2. New Charging locations due to free ones already...
  19. Is there an DC-AC adaptor cable that allows Leaf to charge on Rapid AC?

    Nissan LEAF24 & LEAF30
    I am curious if there is a cable that fits into the large DC port on the car and the other end slots into the AC port of Rapids. Is that even possible, via some sort of transformer somewhere along the cable length, which I guess would technically make it two cables. Anything like this available...