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  1. Referral list for those not on any other list.

    Tesla Model 3
    This is getting childish - I'm out. I had hoped this could be a useful place to find information about my new toy but It has the feel of a Sunderland Working Mens Club Tuesday night discussion over Brexit. Anyway please use Keith's referral code which has now been made homeless! Keith's...
  2. Bulb refferal

    Power, Fuel, Alt Energy and Environmental Impact
    Just wondering if anyone who is on bulb is having their anniversary in the next few weeks and fancies sharing their link so we both got £100??? Failing that could we maybe use this thread(unless another is stated!) To post links in. When you use a link please like the post and then people came...
  3. Switch to Pure Planet and both get £25 Amazon voucher! (Cheaper then Bulb + 100% Green Energy)

    General Charging Discussion
    I have just completed the switch from Bulb to Pure Planet as they are coming out cheaper for me (East Midlands anyways)! They don’t do a E7 tarif, just 11.2p KWh 24/7! I find this better then an E7 as then I can charge the EV anytime of day, pure convince! My referral link is: Pure Planet -...