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  1. EV battery (and drive train) for off grid camper

    Off Topic and Banter
    there are a few people who have torn apart EV batteries for use in off-grid campers/RV's, I was wondering whether you could transplant the whole of a gen1 leaf or i-miev drivetrain into something like a sprinter van including the battery, charger and motor attached to the engine working in...
  2. Leaf & Env200 Range extender

    General Nissan EV Discussion
    So I had a forum affiliated advert pop up on bottom of screen while browsing this forum just now on my PC. Range extender, improved regen in D, power, glide (roll) mode and naturally just had to click on it. What is it all about? I take it this must be a scam and nonsense, as otherwise I would...
  3. Regenerative braking and brake pads

    BMW i3
    I have always assumed that when I take my foot off the accelerator pedal causing the car to brake that this was all due to the back EMF generation charging the battery. However, now I am wondering. I have just got back from a weeks holiday when the i3 has been sat on the drive unused. As...
  4. Does an EV need to use its charger during regenerative braking?

    General EV Discussion
    Here is a silly technical question that I was not able to figure out for myself, nor did I find much enlightenment by googling around a bit. I found no indication at all that the on-board charger of an EV is being used during regenerative braking, but I cannot see how it can be avoided. I am...
  5. Regen' Braking Stronger in Eco mode?

    Renault ZOE
    Is the regenerative braking stronger in Eco mode? Or is it because the car has more performance in normal mode and regen' braking has more to work with that it feels it isn't slowing the car as strongly?