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renault twizy

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    Selling it as I’m leaving London and upgraded to a bigger car that can get me back and forth on the motorway when needed. 2015, renault twizy technic, which I’ve owned since 2017. This is a battery lease twizy, and as such you will need a battery lease or to negotiate with RCI to buy the...
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    Hello, I own a Renault twizy and I wanted to change the boring key to a wireless key started and adding a security on the twizy. i managed to turn on the twizy and the computer turned on but then the stop logo appears on the computers screen and the twizy becomes useless. I think it knows that...
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    We had the pleasure of reviewing the Twizy and we loved it! What does everyone else think? Renault Twizy Review: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it’s a Twizy!