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  1. Vehicle Parts & Accessories
    Up on eBay at Shevron Dash Mate Dashboard Cover for Renault Zoe (Reduces Windscreen Glare) | eBay It's really quite effective but since I sold the Zoe, I don't have a use for it. Fits the pre-facelift 22kwh and 40kwh Zoe's that were notorious for windscreen glare caused by the shiny dashboard.
    £10 GBP
  2. Renault ZOE
    Hi, Do you guys think that a Tesla Wall Charger Gen 3 would be a good choice for home charging for my R90 22kWh Zoe? I'm tempted as I found a few good deals. Is there any advice against it? I would use it at 11kW (3x16A). Thanks in advance!
  3. Electric Vehicle Classifieds
    Hello All, First off this post will not be to everyone liking so please bear with me. I am after a Renault Zoe 22KWh, Ideally Dynamiq Intens. for around the £4k Mark. I have seen a few 22KWh on here and online sell for around this figure. If anyone is about to PX one you may get more from me...
  4. Renault ZOE
    Hi has anyone got the correct number for the SMSC centre number for the R-LINK for 22kw Zoe 2013 please. 208/01 is the MNC /MCC so that is Orange France but in DDT4ALL it says the SMSC is just 11603 or something like that and that cannot be right it has to be something like +33 and then a...
  5. General Renault Z.E. Discussion
    Hi, I am completely new to EV, got my 2015 Zoe 3 weeks ago (22kw - 80-90miles). Only just now I discovered you can buy a portable chargers and charge on a go? I don't have a garage so installing anything is out of the question and also would need UK adapter to charge the portable...
  6. Renault ZOE
    My Zoe 22kw SOH (state of health) has actually increased for me - a few weeks back with CanZE I tested and it was 90% ... just checked today and its 92% now. Not complaining, was just glad to see the SOH figure had gone up ... but have no Idea why, the weather is gettng colder but I shouldnt...
  7. Renault ZOE
    I am loving my Zoe .. and imagine this is my first car with parking sensors , owned cars for years and only just got a car with parking sensors! ... however why did the numpties just put rear UPA sensors on it and none on the front? So peeps , how easy would it be do you reckon to drill some...
  8. Renault ZOE
    following a previous discussion where I was trying to find out if it was normal to hear a 'groan' noise when I put my foot on the footbrake when starting her up (2013 Zoe 22kw) - I managed to record down the sound tonight and amplify it a bit - is this normal sound all Zoe's make? - i think it...
  9. Renault ZOE
    So, not ever driving or even being in a passenger in one I am now an owner of a 2013 Zoe and just wondering what they are supposed to sound like when you accelerate? are they supposed to 'Shrill' on acceleration or sound like those old washing machines with the carbon brushes going into spin...
1-9 of 10 Results