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rfid cards

  1. Cheapest/free RFID card

    General Charging Discussion
    Hi all - I’m relatively new to EVs. The car park at my local station uses an old charging system. It can be activated by an RFID card - it doesn’t matter what network the card is linked to, it just needs a card to start. However, I don’t have an RFID card and it seems the only one widely...
  2. CYC RFID Card Purchase

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm on CYC's half-finished website trying to purchase an Access Card. When I click "Confirm Payment" it takes me to a page which says: Payment Authorisation Payment has not been made There is nothing else on this page to read / click / do / help. Anyone know what I need to do to...
  3. Plugsurfing RFID tag - any use in the UK ??

    General Charging Discussion
    The Plugsurfing web map shows chargers around me, mostly operated by Greenflux, which do not appear on Zap Map. Some of these can only be used with the Plugsurfing charging key. Does anybody have any experience of using these points or the Plugsurfing charging key in the UK ?? Do these points...
  4. Article on EVs and charging infrastructure - journalist request

    Ice Breakers
    Hello, I am a reporter on the business desk at the Daily Mail newspaper. I am working on a piece about the UK's EV charging infrastructure and how easy it is to use. I'm keen to hear from as many EV drivers as possible on their experiences to make sure I get across the real picture. For example...
  5. Anyone have a Due Energie Mobility card that they want to sell on?

    General EV Discussion
    An RFID card from Due Energie gives access to a network of chargers across Italy, but they insist on a minimum credit of €40 on the card, which is only valid for 12 months. I'll be going to Italy in a couple of months and I'd like to have a card in case I get caught out between superchargers...
  6. Using the wrong card

    General Charging Discussion
    I couldn't get my charge to stop at an Ecotricity rapid today. Pressed the stop charging button then presented my Ecotricity card but it just rejected it and went back to the charging screen. I retried several times. The screen said it needed the same card that started the session. After a...