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  1. Search for best payment method of a forgein EV driver

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello Everyone, I am planning to do a two-week road trip with my Kona EV (64kWh) from Germany to the northern coast of Scotland in August 2020. Now I am trying to figure out what is the best way to pay for charging. I do have a smartphone with a Vodafone contract, but I want to avoid a lot of...
  2. CYC RFID Card Purchase

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm on CYC's half-finished website trying to purchase an Access Card. When I click "Confirm Payment" it takes me to a page which says: Payment Authorisation Payment has not been made There is nothing else on this page to read / click / do / help. Anyone know what I need to do to...
  3. Need for Unified EV Charging System

    General Charging Discussion
    I'm on my second EV now and it surprises me nobody has yet come up with a unified system for public charging/payment. I have no less than 12 apps on my phone (covering various charging providers) and 4 RFID cards covering the chargers which don't work with apps! Wouldn't it be nice to pull up...
  4. RFID cards - general query

    General Charging Discussion
    I currently have two RFID cards (CYC and EH) in a little two-card wallet* stored in the armrest compartment. I'm assuming that RFID cards are completely passive, so having two in close proximity won't cause any problems? * Used to contain my free bus pass, which I used about twice! :)
  5. Lidl/Pod Point rapid charging - RFID experiment

    General Charging Discussion
    Hello everyone! Not sure if this is common knowledge (probably is, knowing me luck!), but thought I'd share just in case this is helpful for anyone else. I've been using the rapid charger at Lidl in Mirfield for a few weeks and have been activating it via the app. Works fine, but a bit of a pain...
  6. One RFID card to rule them all?

    General EV Discussion
    After the Queen made her speech are we to expect a single eV user RFID card that can be registered to any network? I would be one to go for this option after so many smart phone related failures to charge. I'd even pay a small amount to cover the administration and cost of card.
  7. Polar Instant (Charge Master) can't log into website?

    General Charging Discussion
    I've just tried to add some cash to my CM Polar Instant account as I'm off on hols on Monday, but the website says User Not Found when I try to log in. Resetting my password - with the email address they mailed in January says User Not Found too. I've only used the card once, last summer...