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road trip

  1. Nice little solar powered EV roadtrip adventure

    General EV Discussion
    If you fancy following along.
  2. Nottingham to Cornwall road trip...

    Nissan Leaf40
    My PCP is coming to an end soon for my 30kwh black edition leaf. We often have family holidays to Cornwall and Scotland which is ~380miles. We are looking at getting the #Leaf40 but we are worried about the #rapidgate issues with the car. Has any attempted a similar distance in the car and be...
  3. List of free chargers for road trip.

    General EV Discussion
    Hi. I'm looking for a list of free rapid chargers, does such a list exist? I'm planning a trip from Falkirk to Whitehaven and back but hoping to do it for free! I know there are a couple of free rapid chargers in Falkirk itself (Falkirk Stadium and Grahamston Station) so I'm OK that end, but...
  4. 1700 km road trip in Europe with Model S 70D - Video

    Tesla Model S
    In July we rented a Model S 70D and drove 1700km through Austria, Germany and Switzerland. I made a video about it in 2 parts and both are now online. Part 1 is 33 minutes and includes our visit to Heidelberg, Germany: Part 2 is about the same length and includes the Mount Pilatus cog...
  5. Another EV road trip this time in a Kia Soul. Will it help?

    General EV Discussion
    So another road trip but this time in a Kia Soul. She's doing 2,580 miles. But will it help change peoples thoughts about range anxiety? I know you got [Kia] Soul | EV Performance