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  1. New Marc Tarpenning talk on Tesla, 2003 to date

    General Tesla Motors Discussion
    Fascinating talk by Marc Tarpenning @Tesla Co-founder. About early days and pooling motivations about how to change minds, globally: he worked in Saudi and wanted to rid the world of 'oil politics' other co-founders were interested in #climatebreakdown Its afirming to hear Americans think Big...
  2. New Front Shock Absorbers needed - Alternative options?

    Tesla Roadster
    I currently have my Roadster 2.0 Sport in at Tesla for a service and asked them to check my suspension due to a knocking noise at the front when going over bumps. Tesla have confirmed the Bilstein adjustable shock absorbers need replacing and have quoted me a replacement cost of £3500 inclusive...
  3. Roadster Signature #80 For Sale

    Tesla Roadster
    My Roadster does not have a dent or blemish and looks just as it did on the showroom floor. This was Signature number 80 out of the first 100 Tesla Roadsters manufactured. She drives very smoothly! Price: $59,999 *VIN 5YJRE11BX81000080 *Signature 80 *2008 *OD 17,900 *There are 2,500 miles on...