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  1. Filling station data from US National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Many specifics on hydrogen are frustratingly opaque, so I thought this discovery was worth sharing. It's a document from the NREL showing statistics for all the American H2 filling stations, compiled November 2017. https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy18osti/70527.pdf The highlights are on page 25...
  2. It had to happen eventually

    General EV Discussion
    Today, I was driving along the motorway, and suddenly a fault occurred with my car that made it considerably less safe. After driving without a hitch for over a year. Luckily, I was near a services, so I pulled in to diagnose the fault, had to hunt around to find the bonnet release catch, a...
  3. Your battery safety system will write off your car

    General EV Discussion
    My partner was recently involved in a low speed collision in her Smart ForTwo ED. She has now been told that due to Smart's safety battery shutdown device (which is irreversible) her car is now beyond ecoomic repair. Smart of course did not tell us about this 'feature' when we bought the car...